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Chapter 4

Cara walked passed the tall mirror in the entry hall and looked at her 14 year old reflection. Her hair was shoulder length and blonde with teal streaks in it. She had always been quite a wild- child. She was wearing flare-jeans and a white tank top that had a blue smurf on it that she had purchased at the good-will a few days before. Her emerald eyes were framed by a shimery silver liner and her feet were bare. Cara was very tan, for she spent most of her days outside riding the familys horses or skating. She considered herself a "prep" even though she skated. Cara knew she was pretty, but she was not stuck on her image. She continued on her way through the HUGE house. It was considered a small mansion by many people, but Cara just thought of it as a house. It was three stories tall and included an outdoor pool, stables for the eight horses, a game room with a pool table and an indoor vert for her to skate on during the brutal winters and also an outdoor one. They had a guest house for the stable hands and the two maids and one cook that worked there. Cara crossed the porch and stopped to look over at the new neighbors house. It was much the same size as hers only it did not include such things as a stable, pool, vert, etc. The only thing she envied of her neighbors was the beautiful attic. It was almost like a large apartment. Cara sighed and went up the spiral staircase near the enormuse (*okay. Just PRETEND I can spell) entery hall up to her bedroom which was also in an attic but with two bedrooms and no kitchen. She stopped in her living room and sat at the keyboard. She played a few chords and then desided she'd better start getting ready to go out to dinner in three hours. "Mom?" she presses on the intercom. "Mom, where are we going to eat tonight?" she got no response, so she tried again. No response... Where the hell is she?... ******************************************************************************************

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