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Virus Vault: Virus Downloads

Warning: Do NOT open any of the viruses that you download as they can and probably will harm your computer. The only viruses that you can open are the Visual Basic Script viruses because they come in a *.zip format. All you have to do is open the zip file, extract the virus and send it to someone. Do NOT open the *.vbs file. Virus Vault is NOT held responsible for any damage caused to your system because you did not follow this warning.

These viruses can be detected by a virus scan. To overcome this, download a file that binds EXE files. Then, just simply bind the virus file with any exe file and a virus scan won't detect it.

Windows 98 Viruses

This virus will first freeze the mouse and keyboard of the victim. Then, it will delete the fonts folder, solitaire, notepad, minesweeper, and paint.

This virus is supposed to be disguised as a firewall. It says a hacker's attack has succeeded. It freezes the mouse and keyboard. Then it creates 50 folders on the desktop each named fuck. Then it will delete every *.gif, *.jpg, and *.bmp image on the computer.

This virus copies itself to the startup folder so that it starts every time the computer is turned on. Then, it freezes the mouse and keyboard. Then, it goes into an endless loop of opening Paint which will burn the hard drive.

This isn't much of a virus as it is a scare file. This "virus" freezes the keyboard and mouse and then creates 22 files on the desktop called Matrix.

This is a very simple virus. Freezes the keyboard and mouse and then deletes every *.gif, *.jpg, and *.bmp file on the computer.

This is kind of like the firewall virus except this virus is disguised as a virus scan. This virus freezes the mouse and keyboard. Then it claims that a virus has gotten into your computer and it accidently opened. It then deletes the c:\windows file making it so the receiver of the virus has to re-install windows.

This virus is a VERY small virus. Freezes the mouse and keyboard and then deletes the c:\windows file.

Windows XP Viruses

This virus deletes the c:\windows file of windows XP

Visual Basic Script(VBS) Viruses

This virus will delete c:\windows on any Windows OS.