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Virus Vault: FAQ


Why do I have a disclaimer?Well, it's a simple reason. I would rather not be sued or put in jail because of someone using these viruses illegaly.

How can I open the viruses without them doing damage?If it is a Windows 98 or Windows XP virus, which are made with the extension *.bat then you can go to Notepad and open it in there. If it's a Visual Basic Script(VBS) Virus then you have to unzip the file and extract the *.vbs file somewhere. Then, you can also open that in Notepad.

What tools are out there to help with hacking?They're MANY tools out there. Some of the most popular tools are Port Scanners and Brute Forcers. Port Scanners will scan an IP adress that you know for an open port. Open ports are kind of like a door to the computer, so, they're quite vital to a hacker. Now, a Brute Forcer uses a dictionary of words to try and Brute Force a password whether it be a website, IP, or anything else. If you want to find these tools, then go to Yahoo and search there.

How can I hack websites?This is a very common question in the hacking world and believe it or not, it's quite easy. Here are instructions on how to do it...

Can I request a virus to be made? Yes you can..simply e-mail me at and tell me the operating system it is for, exactly what you want it to do, and if I can do that then I will e-mail you back telling you whether it is possible or not. If it is possible then I will make the virus and add it to the Viruses Page.