The Chilton Family's Relationship to Me
Written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska


Lyonell/Lionel Chilton was a yeoman who owned large amounts of land. He was married first to ______? and second to Isabell Furner, the widow of Francis Furner. Frances Furner named Susannah Furner, his daughter, in his will, dated July 27, 1579.


James Chilton, Jr. (bef. 1556-1620) was most likely born in Canterbury, Kent County, England, in 1556. There is a record of a Mrs. Chilton being excommunicated on June 12, 1609 (Paulick, 406). This may be the reason they came to Massachusetts? They were married around April 1586 (Old Style). James Chilton is listed as 63 years of age in 1619. He died in Cape Cod Harbor (Provincetown) while aboard the Mayflower on December 18, 1620. Susanna [nee Furner] is mentioned in James' will which was dated September 7, 1582. Many think that James was the son of Lyonell Chylton. However, we do not know the name of Lyonell's first wife. James married Susannah Furner sometime before 1587. Susan is thought to be the daughter of his step-mother, Isabell Furner. A Susan Furner died after January 11, 1620/1621.

An Annie Chilton was baptized on November 5, 1573.


    The Children of James and Susan [nee Furner] Chilton were:

  1. Isabella Chilton was baptized in St. Paul's Parish in Canterbury on January 15, 1586. No death record has been found for Isabella. Isabella married Roger Chandler (of Colchester, England) on July 21, 1615 in Leyden, Holland. Their children were:

    Samuel Chandler (b. Oct. 15, 1622)
    Sarah Chandler (b. Oct. 15, 1622)
    Mary Chandler (b. after 1622)
    Martha Chandler (b. after 1622).

    The Chandlers came to Plymouth in 1629/1630.

  2. Jane Chilton was baptized in St. Paul's Parish on June 8, 1586.
  3. Mary Chilton(1593-1679) was baptized in St. Paul's Parish on November 2, 1593.
  4. Joel Chilton was baptized in St. Martin's Parish on November 2, 1593.
  5. Elizabeth Chilton was baptized in St. Martin's Parish on July 14, 1594.
  6. James Chilton, Jr (1). was baptized in St. Martin's Parish on August 22, 1596.
  7. Ingle Chilton was baptized in St. Paul's Parish, Canterbury on April 29, 1599. We think that Ingle was married in Leyden, Holland, to Robert Nelson, on August 27, 1622 ("Engeltgen Gilten").
  8. Christian Chilton. (2) (f) was baptized in St. Peter's Parish, Sandwich, on September 26, 1601.
  9. James Chilton III was baptized in St. Peter's Parish, Sandwich, on September 11, 1603. We can assume then that the first James must have died young.
  10. Mary Chilton was baptized in St. Peter's Parish, Sandwich, England, on May 30, 1607. Mary died in Boston before May 1, 1679. Mary Chilton married John Winslow of Droitwich, Worchestershire, England, between July 1623 and May 22, 1627. John was born/baptized on May 21, 1674. His parents were: Edward and Magdalen (Ollyver) Winslow. Edward was the brother of Pilgrim Edward Winslow. Both John and Mary are buried in King's Chapel Cemetary, Boston, Massuchusetts.

John Winslow arrived at Plymouth in 1621 on the Fortune. He received one acre of land in 1623. He was a freeman in 1633. He was a Deputy, from Plymouth, in 1652. In 1653, he was a member of the Council of War. John's will was dated March 12, 1673/4. Mary's will was dated July 31, 1676.

Captain Thomas Hayward and Suzanna Towne

The Towne Family


Mary Chilton arrived on the Mayflower in 1620, and was the first woman to arrive ashore (at age 12). Mary was the daughter of James Chilton. Mary married John Winslow (b. 1597) in Droitwich, Worchestershire, England, on April 16, 1597. John died on May 21, 1674, in Boston, Massachusetts. John was the son of Edward Winslow and Magdalen Ollyver (Oliver). John came to Massachusetts on the Fortune in 1621. John's brothers Edward and Gilbert Winslow arrived on the Mayflower in 1620. Before his death, John Winslow was one of the wealthiest merchants in Boston, Massachusetts.

Mary died in 1679.

    Children of John and Mary [nee Chilton] Winslow were:

  1. John Winslow b. before 1630. He was a merchant. He died October 3-12(?), 1683. He married (1) Elizabeth ? (2) Judith ?.
  2. Susanna Winslow b. before 1625 and died November 14, 1685, in East Bridgewater, Plymouth Vounty, MA. Susanna married Robert Latham(see below), in 1649, in Boston, Suffolk County, MA.
  3. Mary Winslow b. about 1631, and died October 28, 1663. She married Edward Gray.
  4. Edward Winslow b. about 1635 and died November 19, 1682. Edward married Sarah Hilton.
  5. Sarah Winslow b. abt. 1638, in Plymouth, MA. and died April 9, 1726 in Boston, MA. She married (1) Miles Standish, Jr. (2) Tobias Payne (3) Richard Middlecott.
  6. Samuel Winslow b. circa 1641, and died October 14, 1680. He married Hannah Briggs.
  7. Joseph Winslow - died in Long Island, New York. Joseph married Sarah Lawrence.
  8. Isaac Winslow b. 1644 and died in Port Royal, Jamaica. He married Mary Nowell.
  9. Winslow child b. before 1650, most likely died after birth.
  10. Benjamin Winslow b, August 12, 1653, and d. between March 12, 1678 and July 31, 1676. Benjamin never married. Benjamin is the only one that is recorded in the Pluymouth Colony Records.

Lt. John Howard was born in 1620/1628 in Sandwich, Kent County, England, and died in 1700 in Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. John was the son of James Howard and Mary Cooper. In 1643, John lived in Duxbury. He was a carpenter, and a Representative in 1678. John married Martha Hayward, daughter of Captain Thomas Hayward and Suzanna Towne, sister of William Towne of Salem, Massachusetts. The children of this marriage were: (1) John Howard (2) James Howard (3) Jonathan Howard (4)Elizabeth Howard married Edward Fobes (5) Sarah Howard married Zaccheus Packard (6) Bethia Howard married Henry King (d. 1700) (7) Ephraim Howard.


    The Children of Robert Latham and Suzanna Winslow:

  1. Mercy Latham was born of June 2, 1650 and died between February 2, 1684 and June 1698. Mercy married Isaac Harris (1644-1706/7).
  2. Suzanna Latham (1656-before June 1703) was the daughter of Robert Latham and Suzanna Winslow. married Ensign John Howard/Haward (circa 1680-before 1727) before June 28, 1703. There is no conclusive PROOF of their marriage. John was the son of Lt. John Howard and Martha Hayward. John had a second wife named Sarah, who sign a deed with John Haward. John and his father were inn keepers in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. On October 3, 1726, John was appointed as administrator of his father's estate. John and Suzanna had six children.

    ***My line is John's sister, Sarah Howard (1648-1755), wife of Zacheus Packard , son of Samuel Packard of West Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

  3. Mary Latham
  4. James Latham (1659-February 6, 1738/9) married Deliverance Alger (?-before January 1, 1749). Deliverance was the daughter of Thomas Alger and Elizabeth Packard.
  5. Hannah Latham (?-after July 1, 1725) married Joseph Washburn (1652-1733). Joseph was the son of John Washburn and Elizabeth Mitchell, who were descendants of Francis Cooke.
  6. Joseph Latham (1663?-before 1723) married Phebe Fenner.
  7. Elizabeth Latham (1665-1730)married Francis Cooke (1662-before September 18, 1746). Francis was the son od Jacob Cooke and Damaris Hopkins.
  8. Chilton Latham (circa 1672-August 6, 1751) married (1) Suzanna Kingman (1679-1776), daughter of John Kingman and Elizabeth Edson.
  9. Sarah Lathom
  10. Jane Lathom


Solomon Packard was born on March 20, 1689. He married (1)Sarah Lathrop (2) Suzanna Kingman (3) Dorothy Whipple

Captain Abiel Packard was christened on Apil 29, 1699, and died in 1776. He married Sarah Ames on January 11, 1722.

    The Children of John Howard and Suzanna Latham were:

  1. Martha Howard was born circa 1681. Martha was still living on March 21, 1747. Martha married David Perkins of Bridgewater, MA., on February 1, 1698/9. David was the son of David Perkins and Elizabeth Brown.
  2. Susanna Howard was born circa 1683, in Bridgewater, MA., and died between May 12, 1729 and February 13, 1732. She married Nathaniel Eames (1677-before 1736) of Bridgewater, MA. Nathaniel was the son of John Ames and Sarah Willis.
  3. Edward Howard(1686-1771) was born on February 7, 1686, in Bridgewater, MA., and died July 14, 1771 (at age 85). Edward married Mary Byrum (1689-1767) in February 7, 1710/11. On October 3, 1726, Edward was appointed administrator of his father's estate. Mary Byrum was the daughter of Nicholas Byram of Bridgewater, MA and his wife Mary ?. Mary was born March 10, 1689/90, and died January 11, 1767 (at age 77).
  4. Bethiah Howard was born circa 1691, and died November 5, 1746 (age 56). She married (1)Dr. Jonathan Randall(1688-1724) of R.I. (2)John Hayes of Providence, Rhode Island on April 21, 1726.
  5. Robert Howard was born circa 1699. He married Abigail Keith.
  6. Robert Howard (1699-1779) married Abigail Keith.
  7. Sarah Howard was born circa 1701. She married David Turner of Rehoboth. David graduated from Harvard College and was an innkeeper.


Mary Howard (1743-1779) married Thomas Packard (1732-1822), son of Abiel Packard

    The Children of Edward Howard/Haward and Mary Byrum

  1. Sarah Howard was born on November 2, 1714.
  2. Mary Howard (1717-?) was born on March 23, 1717. Mary married Henry Howard
  3. Bithia Howard was born on April 20, 1719.
  4. Jane Howard was born on August 10, 1721.
  5. Edward Howard was born March 11, 1723/4.
  6. James Howard was born on May 1, 1726.


Elijah Packard, son of Thomas Packard and Mary Howard married Abigail Packard, daughter of Jacob Packard, Sr. (b.1720)and Rebecca French, Jacob was the son of Solomon Packard and (3)Dorothy Whipple, widow (b. 1709) There is debate on whether Rebecca was a "French." Elijah and Abigail were first cousins.


Elijah Packard, Jr. (b. 1805) married Adeline Bond (d. 1812)

Elijah's first cousin, once removed, was William Cullen Bryant (1794-1878)


Ann Mariah Packard (1839-1909) of Ohio, married Charles H. Bartholomew(1841-1924), son of Charles Bartholomew, Sr. (1810-1870) and Asseneth Crush (1818-1861), daughter of Peter and Celinda Crush. Charles was the grandson of Ichabod Bartholomew (1772-1852) and Rhoda Wood (1781-1865).

The Bartholomew Family



Harriet Assenia Bartholomew (1862-1957) married Frederick G. Knight (1857-1926), son of Ferederick G. Knight of Wurtemburg, Austria. They lived in Ohio and Michigan.


Charles F. Knight married Grace Lenor Dickerson


Russell Martin Knight of Northville, Michigan, married Sheila Clark Malcolm

The Knecht/Knight Family

The Malcolm Family


Bartholomew Jr., G.W. The Record of the Bartholomew Family. Salem: Salem Press. Photocopied in 2002 from the original 1885 text.

Paulick, Michael R. "The 1609-1610 Excommunications of Mayflower Pilgrims Mrs. Chilton and Moses Fletcher." Boston: The New England Historical and Genealogical Register. Volume 153, October 1999, 406-412.

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