The Towne Family's Relationship to Me
Written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska

(1)...Robert Hayward (b. 1548) of Aylesford, Kent County, England.


(2)... John Towne married Elizabeth Clarke on September 20, 1597. Their marriage is recorded in the Blundeston/Fixton Parish Register.

...Thomas Hayward (b. 1576) of Aylesford, Kent County, England, married Agnes Beaumont/Beaumon (b. 1578) of Aylesford.


(3)William Towne was born circa 1598, as the son of John Towne and Elizabeth Clarke of Yarmouth, Norfolk County, England. He was baptized in the St. Nicholas Parish Church, Great Yarmouth, England, on March 18, 1568/9. William Towne married JOANNA BLESSING on March 25, 1620, in St. Nicholas Church, Great Yarmouth, England, and William died in 1673 in Topsfield, Essex County, Massachusetts. In 1640, William Towne and his family emigrated to New England. William Towne was a freeman on April 18, 1637. Joanna was the daughter of John Blessing (b. 1549) of Somerlayton, Suffolk County, England, and Joanne Preiste (b. 1553)

When Joanne [nee Blessing] Towne (b. 1594) came to the colonies her sister, Alice [nee Blessing] Firmage (b. 1577), and her brother-in-law, Robert Buffam, husband of her late sister, Margaret [nee Blessing] (b. 1580) (deceased) came too. Joanne Blessing was known as "Mother Goose." This was a misleading name, since it was her sister, Juliana [nee Blessing] (b. 1571) who married Thomas Goose. Juliana was the eldest daughter. William Blessing was their brother (b. 1575).



William Towne & Joanna Blessing were married and their first six children were baptized in St. Nicholas church in Yarmouth, England. They afterwards lived in Salem, Mass. Their daughters Rebecca and Mary were estimable women & were executed as witches. A granite monument now stands near the old homestead in their memory. The church, after the witch craze subsided, again placed their names on the records and publicly stated that an injustice had been done them...........................................................

1) Rebecca Towne was baptized on February 21, 1621, in Great Yarmouth, England. Rebecca married Frances Nurse, a tray maker, on August 24, 1644. Rebecca was hanged for witchcraft on June 19, 1692, [at age 61] in Salem, MA.

2) John Towne was baptized February 16, 1622 in Great Yarmouth, England. He was listed as an apprentice in England at age 13. John married Phebe Lawson, and he died in 1672 [at age 49].

3) Suzanna Towne was born October 20, 1625 in Great Yarmouth, England. Suzanna was baptized on October 26, 1625. Suzanna was named after her aunt. Suzanna died in July 29, 1672 [at age 47]. Suzanna was spared her sister's anquish and pain. She was not targeted as a witch.

4) Edmund Towne was born on June 22, 1628 and was baptized on July 28, 1628, in Great Yarmouth. Edmund apprenticed to Henry Skerry of Great Yarmouth. He sailed on either the Rose of Great Yarmouth, or the Henry and Dorothy of Ipswich. Both ships were commanded by William Andrews and his son, William. Skerry and his family settled in Salem, MA. Edmund married Mary Browning in 1652 [at age 24]. Their children were:

..... Abigail Towne married Thomas Perley
..... Samuel Towne married Elizabeth Knight [her line goes to U.S. President Calvin Coolidge]
.....Elizabeth Towne married (2) Elisha Perkins (1654-1791) of Topsfield in 1715.

5) Jacob Towne was baptized on March 11, 1632. Jacob married Catherine Symonds, daughter of Samuel Symonds (1693-1772) and Elizabeth Andrews, on June 26, 1657. He died November 22, 1704, in Topsfield, MA. [at age 72]. Their son:

..... John Towne married Mary Smith.
.....Katherine Towne (1662-1714) married Elisha Perkins in 1680.

6) Mary Towne was baptized August 24, 1634. He married Isaac Estey/Eastie. Mary was hanged on September 22, 1692, during the Salem witch trials [at age 58]. Their son was:

..... Isaac Estey, Jr. married Abigail Kimball.

7) Sarah Towne - born circa 1642, in Salem, MA. He married (1) Edmund Bridges (2) Peter Cloyes. Sarah Cloyes was accused of witchcraft, in 1692 [at age 53], and put into prison, and later released. She pressed charges for her unlawful arrest and the killing of her sisters. She received three gold sovereigns for each of them. The movie, Three Sovereigns For Sister Sarah is about this event. Her daughter was:

..... Hepzibah Cloyce, married Ebenezer Harrington.

8) Joseph Towne - born on September 3, 1639, in Salem, MA. Joseph married Phebe Perkins in 1665. Their children were:

..... Joseph Towne, Jr. married Margaret Case.
..... Susanna Towne married John Cummings
..... Martha Towne married Isaac Larrabee.

(3)Suzanna Towne (1605-1664), sister of William Towne, of Yarmouth, Norfolk County, England was born October 20, 1605, and died April 30, 1664. Suzanna married Deacon Thomas Hayward, a tailor. Thomas was born January 1, 1601 in Aylesford, Kent County, England. He died on April 15, 1686, in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.


Martha Hayward was born in January 1631 in Aylesford, Kent County, England. Martha married John Howard, son of James Howard and Mary Cooper . John died on May 12, 1693. John came from Duxbury at age 15 and lived with the family of Miles Standish before moving to Bridgewater. John was the first Howard to settle here. John was appointed Ensign on September 27, 1664. John Howard fought in King Phillip's War on May 1676.


Sarah Howard (1659-1723) married Zacheus Parkard, the son of Samuel Packard and Elizabeth? and grandson of George Packard and Mary Withers.

My Packard Family


Solomon Packard married (3)Dorothy Whipple, widow. (b. 1709)

Captain Abiel Packard married Sarah Ames on January 11, 1722.


Jacob Packard, Sr., son of Solomon Packard, (b.1720) married Rebecca French

Thomas Packard (1732-1822), son of Abiel Packard, married Mary Howard (1743-1779).


Abigail Packard (b. 1775) married Elijah Packard (b. 1768), son of Thomas Packard(b.1732) and Mary Howard, and grandson of Capt. Abiel Packard (b. 1699) and (2) Sarah Ames(1702-1773), daughter of John Ames.


Elijah Packard (b. 1805) married Adeline Bond (d. 1812)

Elijah's was first cousin, once removed, to William Cullen Bryant (1794-1878)


Ann Mariah Packard (1839-1909) of Ohio, married Charles H. Bartholomew(1841-1924), son of Charles Bartholomew, Sr. (1810-1870) and Asseneth Crush (1818-1861), daughter of Peter and Celinda Crush. Charles was the grandson of Ichabod Bartholomew (1772-1852) and Rhoda Wood (1781-1865).

The Bartholomew Family


Harriet Assenia Bartholomew (1862-1957) married Frederick G. Knight (1857-1926). They lived in Ohio and Michigan.


Charles F. Knight married Grace Lenor Dickerson


Russell M. Knight of Northville, Michigan, married Sheila C. Malcolm

The Knecht/Knight Family

The Malcolm Family


Margaret J. Knight of Northville, Michigan married Raymond C. Sypniewski of Glassport, Pennsylvania.

The Sypniewski Family

Others who are related to this line include Joan Kennedy [Mary Towne], and Lucille Ball [Rebecca Towne Nurse and Mary Towne Estey].


Town Link: Genealogy of Towne Family


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See bibliography on the History of Witches page.

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