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The Malcolm Family Tree
Written and Researched by Margaret [nee Knight] Sypniewski, B.F.A.


William Clark Malcolm, my maternal grandfather, was born on November 9, 1888 at 5:15 p.m. in Auchtermuchty, Fifeshire, Scotland (birth certificate and WWI Draft Card). He was christened at Moreshead Place in Leslie Parish. William married: Elspeth Lawson Wilson. my maternal grandmother, on June 7, 1915 in New York City, New York. William died on July 22, 1975 in Highland Park, Wayne County, Michigan (at age 86)(SS death records). In circa 1917, William and Elspeth were living at 163 Wanda, Detroit, MI.(draft card). By the 1920 Census they were living at 3515 Cameron Avenue, Detroit, Michigan. William was naturalized in 1919. At this time he worked in a tool room at Ford Motor Company.

Malcolm de Huchtermocdi (an old pronounciation in old Scottish) was one of the first Malcolms in Auchtermuchty in 1296. He is recorded as being a juror on lands in Fife.

See: Auchtermuchy in the 1800's

William Clark Malcolm married Elspeth Wilson in New York City in 1915. On the 1930 Detroit census, it shows that William immigrated to the USA in 1912. Apparently he came ahead to find a job and secure a home. Elspeth Lawson Wilson was born on April 21, 1888 in Marchmont Station House in the Parish of Polsworth, West Lothian, Scotland (confirmed on birth certificate and 1920 Detroit Census). She was the daughter of Thomas Wilson (Railroad Station-master) and Margaret McFarlane. Elspeth was naturalized in 1919. Elspeth died on February 25, 1982 in Northville, Wayne County, Michigan (at age 93).

The Wilson Family

The Children of William and Elspeth Malcolm were:

(1)Sheila Clark Malcolm was born March 13, 1916, in Detroit, Michigan (birth certificate). She graduated from Pershing High School on May 26, 1933 (age 17), and Detroit Business Institute on December 8, 1936 (diploma) (age 20). Her major at the Institute was Stenotype. Sheila married Russell Martin Knight on July 3, 1941 (age 26). Russell was born on August 9, 1914, in Northville, Wayne County, Michigan. Russell was 27 years old when he married. Russell died on June 27, 1995, at age 80. Russell began working in 1931 (at age 15) in Ford Motors Company, in Northville, Michigan to support his family after his own father had a massive stroke and was unable to work. He supported his father and mother and his three siblings up until he married.

The Children of Russell and Sheila Knight:

1. Russell Martin Knight, Jr. who died shortly after birth.
2. Margaret Jean Knight was born on June 19, 1944. She married Raymond Sypniewski on June 15, 1968. Their son, Matthew Rhys Sypniewski, was born February 19, 1973.

Raymond (B.S./M.A.), Margaret (B.F.A.), and Matthew (B.A./M.A.) all graduated from Eatern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan. We were the first members of the family to obtain college degrees. My father had to give up his dream of being a doctor.

(2)Margaret Jean Malcolm was born December 19, 1917, in Detroit, Michigan. Margaret married Alexander McCreadie on July 29, 1938. Alexander was born in September 11, 1910.

The Children of Alexander and Jean McCreadie:

1. William Donald McCreadie was born August 11, 1945 in Berkley, Michigan. He married Karen Maddox on February 12, 1966. Karen was born on April 19, ? in Cincinnati, Ohio. Their children = Jennifer McCreadie (b. April 10, 1972) and Tracy Jean McCreadie (B. October 20, 1975).

2. Alice Ann McCreadie was born July 8, 1957 in Berkley, Michigan. She married Thomas Santoro on June 25, 1983. No issue.


Alexander Malcolm was born at 3:00 a.m. on August 12, 1859 in Crofts, Fifeshire, Scotland (Parish of Leslie). He married Agnes Clark, daughter of Ludovich William Clark and Isabella Grieve, on November 06, 1883(confirmed on children's birth certificates) in Leslie Parish, Fifeshire, Scotland. Alexander died January 2, 1935 (at age 76) in Auchtermuchty, Fifeshire, Scotland.Agnes Clark was born on March 26, 1858 in Portsoy, Banff, Scotland, and was christened April 5, 1858 in Berryhillock, Deskford, Banff, Scotland, . Agnes died on February 4, 1947 in Auchtermuchty, Fifeshire, Scotland(at age 88).

Sources: Birth certificate of Alexander Malcolm, entry #75 as recorded by James Simpson Registrar; Birth certificate of Agnes Clark , entry #8. In 1901, Auchtermuchty, Fifeshire Census: Alexander Malcolm, Sr. is listed as a joiner and patternmaker (age 41).

Children of Alexander and Agnes Malcolm were:

  1. Isabella Malcolm was born on April 6, 1885 in Lomond View, Auchtermuchty, Fifeshire, Scotland. Isabella was a dressmaker in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Canada, for many years.

    Isabella is listed on the Ellis Island records as traveling on the SS Carmania from Liverpool, England, on December 3, 1919. Isabella was age 33 and single. She is listed as a dressmaker who is visiting her brother, William Clark Malcolm, in Detroit, Michigan, with no plans to return to Scotland. Her last permanent address is listed as Lomond View, Scotland. Her nearest relative is listed as Alexander Malcolm, her father (Submitted by Michael Malcolm, cousin).

    Isabella married Andrew McNaughton, a former schoolmate from Scotland whom she met in Toronto, Canada. Isabella and Andrew had no issue between them, but Andrew had a daughter by his first marriage, Margaret Rattray McNaughton who Isabella raised as her own.

    Margaret married Robert Keay on April 24, 1942. Margaret and her husband Robert Keay lived in Toronto, Canada. Margaret died February 14, 1980 at Princess Margaret Hospital. Robert died May 1985.

      They had three boys:

    1. Robert Andrew Keay was born September 26, 1945, and died on May 5, 1995.
    2. Bryan David Keay was born August 23, 1950.Brian married (1)Melanie ? and had a daughter Adrienne Patricia Keay (b. June 1975) and Ryan Michael Keay. He is engaged to be married in February 10, 2007 to Sarah Jean Lomano.
    3. Bruce Arthur Keay was born November 18, 1953. Bruce married twice and has the following children: Jocelyn Michelle Keay, Jeffrey Michael Keay, and Jenna Marie Keay.

    Andrew McNaughton died in 1962(?) Isabella is listed as a "draper's assistant" in the 1901 Auchtermuchty, Fifeshire Census. At this time she is age 15 years.

    Isabella Grieve (nee Malcolm) McNaughton died on January 5, 1982, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She was buried in St. John's Norway Cemetary, on Thursday, January 7, 1982.

  2. Alexander Malcolm, Jr. was born on September 29, 1887. He married Constance Winnifred Stevens, a school teacher, on May 3, 1919 at the British Consulate (in the morning) and Shanghai Cathedral (in the afternoon). In 1920, Alexander Malcolm traveled from Shanghai, China, to Liverpool, England. He arrived December 21, 1920; on the ship, Laertes of the Messrs Alfred Holt and Company with his wife Constance Winifred and his daughter Nora Malcolm.

    Constance Winifred Stevens was born on January 23, 1890. Alexander was announced legally dead on February 13, 1945 during WWII after the Japanese invaded at Singapore. No one knows how he died or where for certain. Alexander had an import/export and engineering business called:

    Malcolm & Co. Ltd.
    Engineers and Importers
    Wayfoong House
    56 Szechuen Road
    P.O. Box No. 2075
    Shanghai. (in 1933)

    Szechuen Road extended from Frenchtown to Sochow Creek bridge and across. It was one block from the harbor.

    Constance Winifred Stevens was born on January 23, 1890, and died December 13, 1979 in Kemptville, Ontario, Canada (at age 89 years).

    Children of Alexander and Constance Malcolm were:

    01. Nora Constance Malcolm was born in February 7, 1920 in Shanghai. Nora married Ernest Edward Maltby. Ernest E. Maltby was the son of Ernest Edward Maltby (b. 1882) and Ida Isabella Bryenton, was born on December 23, 1914 in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada; and died December 9, 1990 in Kemptville, Ontario, Canada. Nora and Ed had four children: Pat, Lisa, Cathy, and Jennie.

    02. Alexander Donald Malcolm was born in April 12, 1921 in Norwich, England. Alexander married Phoebe Axel, and they had two sons (Alexander and Andrew). They lived in Hong Kong, for a time, and then presently returned to England.

    03. Elizabeth Kathleen Malcolm was born in 1923. Elizabeth married Haraldur Sigmar Olafson, in 1949, and had four children (Malcolm b. 1950, David b. 1952, Jane b. 1954, Ian b. 1956).

  3. William Clark Malcolm was born on November 9, 1888 in Auchtermuchty, Fifeshire, Scotland. (see above)


Andrew Malcolm (laborer) was born about 1819 in Kettle, Fifeshire, Scotland (1891 census). In the 1891 census of Leslie, Fife, Andrew is listed as a papermill worker (age 70) and Elspeth, his wife, is age 68 years. His parents were John Malcolm and Helen Moyes. He married Elspeth Dall, daughter of Balfour Dall and Janet Thomson on November 20, 1842 in Collessie, Fifeshire, Scotland. Andrew died November 20, 1895.

The family worked near boiling springs and were weavers by trade until the invention of automatic steam-powered looms.

Elspeth Dall was christened on April 28, 1822; in the Parish of Balmerino, Fifeshire, Scotland. The 1891 census comfirms this. Elspeth died January 20, 1907 in Auchtermuchty, Fifeshire, Scotland. In the 1881 Scottish census shows Andrew (age 60) and Elspeth (age 59).

Source: Malcolm Family Bible, LDS Parish records, and the birth certificate of Alexander Malcolm.

Children of Andrew and Elspeth Malcolm were:

  1. John Malcolm was born on March 29, 1843 in Collessie, Fifeshire, Scotland. John married in February 1865. John lived in Dundee in 1866 and a few years before.

  2. Janet Malcolm was born on August 2, 1845 in Collessie, Fifeshire, Scotland. Janet married William Myles on December 28, 1867, in Leslie, Fifeshire, Scotland, at the United Presbyterian Church. William died July 30, 1895 in Dysart, Fife, Scotland. He was the son of George Myles and Elizabeth Shepherd. Janet worked in Cupar before her marriage.

    The children of William and Janet Myles were:

    (01)George Myles was born February 8, 1869 in St. Andrews. He married Helen?

    (02)Janet Dall Myles was born January 6, 1871 in Cupar, Fifeshire, Scotland. She married Hugh Ross.

    (03)Elspeth Myles was born March 29, 1873 in St. Andrews, Fifeshire, Scotland. Elspeth married Thomas Robertson in 1896.

    (04)Elizabeth Shepherd Myles was born December 6, 1874 in St. Andrews, Fifeshire, Scotland. She married David Gibb.

    (05)William Shepherd Myles was born August 7, 1877 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He married Joanne Walker.

    (06)Andrew Malcolm Myles was born August 18, 1879 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

    (07)Mary Myles was born June 18, 1881 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Mary married James Hutchison in 1901, in Dysart.

    (08)James Shepherd Myles was born March 26, 1883, in Edinburgh, Scotland.

    (09)Alexander Strachen Myles (twin of John) was born October 7, 1886 in Sinclairtown, Dysart Scotland.

    (10)John Malcolm Myles (twin of Alexander) was born October 7, 1886 in Sinclairtown, Dysart, Scotland and married Janet Herd in 1912 in Kearny, New Jersey, U.S.A. [information on John Malcolm Myles verified by another Maragaret, a descendant from this line]

    Information on this line was submitted by Sue Del Prete.

  3. Georgina Malcolm was born in August 28, 1850, in the Parish of Collessie (its western boundary is near the town of Auctermuchty), Fifeshire, Scotland. Georgina married Alexander Strachan on December 8, 1871 in the Parish of Leslie, Fifeshire, Scotland. Georgina worked in a spinning mill in 1866.

  4. Maggie Malcolm was born on June 12, 1852 in Collessie, Fifeshire, Scotland. Maggie worked in the same spinning mills as her sister.

  5. Elizabeth Malcolm was born on June 19, 1855 in Leslie, Fifeshire, Scotland. Elizabeth was not recorded in the family Bible so she may have died young? Or perhaps was recorded in the Parish records in error?

  6. Helen Malcolm was born on December 12, 1856 in Leslie, Fifeshire, Scotland. In the 1881, leslie, Fifeshire, Scottish census, Helen is listed as a "flax spinner" (age 34)

  7. Andrew Malcolm was born on May 28, 1858 in Leslie, Fifeshire, Scotland.

  8. Alexander Malcolm was born on August 12, 1859 in Leslie, Fifeshire, Scotland (see above).

  9. James Malcolm was born on July 9, 1861 in Leslie, Fifeshire, Scotland. In the 1881 Leslie, Fifeshire, Scotland census, James is listed as a "flax dresser" (age 19).

  10. Elizabeth Malcolm was born on February 15, 1864, in Leslie, Fifeshire, Scotland. Elizabeth died in July 1865 of jaundice, only two weeks after the diagnosis. She was not shown in the family Bible, but I did find her in parish records.

  11. William Malcolm was born on September 7, 1865 in Leslie, Fifeshire, Scotland. In the 1881 Leslie, Fifeshire, Scotland census, William is listed as a painter's apprentice (age 15).

  12. David Malcolm was born on May 14, 1867 in Leslie, Fifeshire, Scotland. In the 1881 Leslie, Fifeshire, Scotland census, David is listed as as "Railway Parcel Deliverer" (age 13).

Sources: Malcolm Family Bible, as recorded by Mrs Andrew Malcolm.
Andrew and Elspeth Malcolm lived at:

209 St. Clair Street
Sinclairtown, Scotland on March 31, 1896

Sinclairtown was part of the town of Pathhead in the Parish of Dysart, Fifeshire, Scotland. Sinclairtown was established in 1766. The name is a contraction of St. Clair Town. This part of Pathhead stands on the estate of the Earl of Rossyn(Wilson, Rev. John Marius. The Imperial Gazetteer of Scotland OR Dictionary of Scottish Topography. London: A Fullarton & Co., Volume I).


John Malcolmwas born about 1779 or before ?, and married Helen "Nelly" Moyes, the widow of her first husband, Boswell Gordon, (they were married in 1797 in Kingshorn, Fifeshire, Scotland). John and Helen applied for their marriage contract on November 23, 1799 in Kilmany, St. Andrews and St. Leonard, Fife; and later were married on December 14, 1799 in Kilconquhar, Fifeshire, Scotland. John's parents were: William Malcolm (1735-1817?) and Janet Fairfull (1732-?). Helen's son John Malcolm wrote a letter to his brother William Malcolm saying that their mother's health was failing in August 1854.

A Helen Moyes was born on June 6, 1779, on Aberdour, Fife, Scotland. Her parents were Robert Moyes and Helen Morris. (LDS records).

Robert Moyes and Helen Morris were married on December 14, 1777, in Aberdour, Fifeshire, Scotland. Robert Moyes was born on September 20, 1754, in Aberdour, Fifeshire, Scorland. His parents were James Moyes and Anna Adamson.

***I found a brother to Robert, named James Moyes born on October 16, 1763, in Kinghorn, Fifeshire, Scotland. Could this be a child of Helen's brother???

. CLICK HERE for more information about the Moyes Family.

The children of John and Helen Malcolm were:

  1. George Malcolm was christened on October 19, 1800 on Denbrae Farm, Kilmany, St Andrews and St. Leonard, Fifeshire, Scotland. George married Helen Ritchie. George died July 20, 1854, of dysentery in Glasgow, Scotland. George was treated by a Dr. Grieve, son of John Grieve. George died in the doctors home at 8:00 p.m. He was buried on Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock. George was a stone mason. Later Helen also got dysentery. Dysentaery is an infectious disease marked by inflammation and ulceration of the lower part of the bowels.

  2. William Malcolm was christened on October 14, 1803 in Ceres, Fifeshire, Scotland. He married Ann Lathang(ue) (b. 1802) in January 1833, in the Presbyterian Church, in Manvers Township, Canada, by James Pue of Barrie, and walked from their back to their new home about 12 miles away. William died on July 20, 1854. Ann's brothers James and Andrew Lathang sailed for Canada (in 1831), with William, to seek a better life, while Ann would sail over later. Ann's fiancee and her two brothers landed in Manvers Township (now Bowmanville), Ontario, Canada, after nine weeks at sea. From there they walked 20 miles north to Manvers Township, Durham County, Canada. They had 200 acres of land which they shared between the three of them. Later William bought a farm from one of the Lathang brothers and had a total of 133 acres of land. This land was wilderness with bears, wolves, and many deer. When their son, Andrew was three months old (in the spring of 1844) William and Ann returned to Scotland, after selling thier land, since they missed their family. The Lathangs stayed in Canada. However, time's were tough in Scotland so they returned to Canada again when their son, Andrew, was three years old. This trip was in September of 1847. They then made their home in Cartwright Township, Canada. Here they had 200 acres of more fetile soil.
    William died only a few years, after returning to Canada, of an appendicitis attack...apparently it burst before anything could be done. His sons: John, George, and Andrew helped their mother after William's death. Their children were:

    ....(1)John Malcolm was born in 1834
    ....(2)Margaret Malcolm was born on September 2, 1835. Margaret married James Rue/Pue in 1850. Margaret dies on April 1, 1920 (at age 82). Margaret and James had an adopted son named Archir Rue-Gilchrist. They lived in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, on a farm at Shanty Bay. Margaret and her brother John went to school in Scotland for three years, before returning to Canada.
    ....(3)William Malcolm was born on October 11, 1837. William got black measles/diptheria in 1862 and died at age 24. William was reported to hav sang "The Hour of My Departure Comes" the day before he died.
    ....(4)Ellen Malcolm was born on January 26, 1840. She died of diptheria, like her brother William, on August 10, 1862 (at age 22).
    ....(5)George Malcolm was born on January 18, 1841
    ....(5)Andrew Malcolm was born on January 10, 1844.

  3. Margaret Malcolm was christened on June 25, 1809, in Brigend, Ceres, Fifeshire, Scotland. She married a Galloway.

  4. Margaret Malcolm was christened June 8, 1808.

  5. James Malcolm was born on December 18, 1811, and was christened December 29, 1811, Brigend (a suburb of Ceres proper), Ceres, Fifeshire, Scotland. James married Jean Stark (1815) in 1844. James died July 28, 1881. James moved for a short time to Canada, then returned to Scotland, before marrying. Jean died on September 2, 1899. Children of James Malcolm and Jean Stark were:

    ....(1)James "Jimmy" Malcolm, Jr. was born on February 2, 1849. James married Sarah Elizabeth Proutt on June 24, 1885. Sarah was born September 9, 1858; and died February 10, 1947.

  6. John Malcolm was born on May 21, 1814, and was christened on June 5, 1814, in Kettle, Fife. In 1866, John drove the Bleachfield carts. John married Elspeth Johnstown (b. 1809)in Cartwright Township around spring 1867. John died October 28, 1869. His wife Elspeth died September 28, 1869. John came to Canada, then returned to Scotland while he was still unmarried.

  7. Alexander Malcolm was christened on April 19, 1818, in Kettle, Fife

    . In 1866 Alexander was living in Perth.

  8. *Andrew Bowes Malcolm a papermill worker, was born June 3, 1819, in Leslie, Fifeshire, Scotland, and christened on June 14, 1819 in Kettle, Fifeshire, Scotland. Andrew married Elspeth Dall. Elspeth was born on April 24, 1822, and christened on April 28, 1822 in Balmerino, Fifeshire, Scotland. Andrew died on September 7, 1895, at Douglas Road, Leslie, Fifeshire, Scotland. His parents are listed as: John Malcolm, Agricultural Laborer and Helen (ms Moyes) Malcolm (both deceased). (Andrew's death certificate shows the informant as William Malcolm, his son. Andrew's death was registered on September 7, 1895, in Leslie, by W.A. Swan, Registrar. GROS Record Number 444 00 0058). Andrew was a singer who traveled around Scotland giving concerts. His grandson, William Clark Malcolm also had a wonderful singing voice. Some of this information regarding Andrew was submitted by

  9. Helen Malcolm was born on March 9, 1826, and was christened on April 2, 1826, in Kettle, Fifeshire. Helen married Alcolm (Malcolm?) Marsh. In 1854, Helen was in Whitsunder. Helen died May 12, 1920, at 1 Hilltown, Dundee.

Some information was given to me from the records of Edna Capel, great-grandaughter of William Malcolm and Janice Le France of Saskathchewan, grandaughter of Blanche Malcolm.


William Malcolm was born June 1735 in Ceres, Fifeshire, Scotland. William was the son of John Malcolm and Barbara Mathieson. He married Janet Fairfull. on December 15, 1758 in Cameron, Fifeshire, Scotland. Janet was born September 1732, in Cameron, Fife, Scotland.

CLICK HERE for more information about Fairfull.

Cameron is a parish in the east of Fifeshire. It is within a mile of the city of St. Andrews and is bounded by the parishes of St. Andrews, Denino, Cornbee, Kilconquhar, and Ceres.

The Children of William and Janet (Fairfull) Malcolm were:

  1. Janet Malcolm was born on September 10, 1759, in Cameron, Fifeshire, Scotland. Janet married David Swan.

  2. Alexander Malcolm was born September 13, 1761 in Cameron, Fifeshire, Scotland. Alexander married Margaret Wilson.

  3. David Malcolm was born December 25, 1763 in Cameron, Fifeshire, Scotland, and died before 1770.

  4. Agnes Malcolm was born April 1766 in Cameron, Fifeshire, Scotland.

  5. Robert Malcolm was born April 31, 1768 in Cameron, Fifeshire, Scotland, and died in 1846. Robert married Janet Ritchie.

  6. David Malcolm was born/christened on April 22, 1770. in Cameron, Fifeshire, Scotland. David married Anne Swinton, Anne was born April 10, 1772, in Dysart, Fifeshire, Scotland. Anne died between 1812-1872.

  7. John Malcolm was born November 1, 1772 in Cameron, Fifeshire, Scotland. John was married, on December 14, 1799, in Kilconquhar, FIfeshire, Scotland, to Helen "Nelly" Moyes, the widow of Boswell Gordon. Helen married her first husband on November 23, 1797, in Kinghorn, Fifeshire, Scotland. Helen was born August 2, 1778 in Abbotshall, Fifeshire, Scotland. An Alex Moyes died in Ediburgh in 1854 in a "Mad House." A Thomas Moyes died in 1854.

    Abbotshall Parish contained the past-town of Kirkcaldy, on the southern border of Fifeshire. It is bounded by the firth of Forth, and by the parishes of Kinghorn, Auchtertool, Auchterderran, Dysart, and Kirkcaldy.

  8. Helen Malcolm was born in July 1775, in Cameron, Fifeshire, Scotland. Helen married James Russell.


John Malcolm (Malcome) was born in September 1695, in Ceres Parish, Brigend, Fife. He was christened on September 8, 1695, in Ceres Parish, FIfeshire, Scotland. He was the son of Robert Malcolme and Margaret Kidd/Ked, who married October 13, 1694, Ceres, Fifeshire, Scotland. John married Barbara Mathieson Barbara was christened on October 5, 1695,in Ceres, Bridgend, Fifeshire, Scotland.

For more information about the Kidd Family CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE for more information about the Matheson/Mathieson Family

The Children of John and Barbara (Mathieson) Malcolm were:

  1. Robert Malcolm was born in December 1721, Ceres, Brigend, Fifeshire, Scotland.

  2. Thomas Malcolm was born in October 1723, Ceres, Brigend, Fifehire, Scotland.

  3. Andrew Malcolm was born in September 1725, Ceres, Brigend, Fifeshire, Scotland.

  4. James Malcolm was born in June 1727, Ceres, Brigend, Fifeshire. And died young?

  5. James Malcolm was born in December 1728 in Ceres, Brigend, Fifeshire, Scotland.

  6. David Malcolm was born in May 1729, Ceres, Brigend, Fifeshire, Scotland.

  7. John Malcolm was born in December 1730 in Ceres, Brigend, Fifeshire, Scotland.(the twin of Janet)

  8. Janet Malcolm was born in December 1730 in Ceres, Brigend, Fifeshire, Scotland. (the twin of John)

  9. Ann Malcolm was born in March 1733, in Ceres, Brigend, Fifeshire, Scotland.

  10. William Malcolm was born June 1735 in Ceres, Brigend, Fifeshire, Scotland. He married Janet Fairfull, in 1817. Janet was born in September 1732, in Cameron, Fifeshire, Scotland.

  11. Agnes Malcolm was born in 1742. She married William Brown (b. circa 1740)


Robert Malcolm (Malcome) was born on February 6, 1666 in Logie, Fifeshire, Scotland. He died in 1724. Robert married Margaret Kidd (Ked) on October 13, 1694, in Ceres, Fifeshire, Scotland.

The Children of Robert and Margaret (Kidd) Malcolm were:

  1. John Malcolm was christened on September 8, 1695, in Ceres, Bridgend, Fifeshire, Scotland. He married Barbara Mathieson. Barbara was born on Ocotber 5, 1694, in Ceres, Fifeshire, Scotland. Her parents were David Mathieson and Magdalen Rodger.

  2. Thomas Malcolm was born on February 6, 1702, in Ceres, Bridgend, Fifeshire, Scotland, and died in 1742. He married Agnes Brown.

  3. James Malcolm was born on November 3, 1704, in Ceres, Bridgend, Fifeshire, Scotland. He married Janet Russell.

  4. David Malcolm was born April 12, 1711 in Ceres, Bridgend, Fifeshire, Scotland, and died in 1749. He married Mary Brown.


John Malcolm was born circa 1635. I found a Johan Malcolm born to a John Malcolm and Johanna Gib on July 22, 1632, in Dalgety, Fifeshire, Scotland. Gib was short for Gilbert. A Robert Gib was burgess of Linlithgow in 1622. This record was in Latin. I will have to check into this more. John married ?

Generations 5-8 were originally submitted by Michael Malcolm

With added assistance (and proofs) from Malcolm Olafson


1920 Michigan Census - Ward 1 Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan. E.D. 57, sheet 30D 3515 Cameron Avenue 599/700. Later on they lived at 19173 Cameron Avenue.


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