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MoEZ FAQs & Tips Mouse with thread

     Most of the information in this section came from Brenda in Onalaska, WA USA who gathered it from different online sources while giving credit to the original source(s) whenever possible. Thank you, Brenda, for sharing the information with me! *S*
     I hope to be adding more information to this section as time goes on. A lot of the new hints that I have added have came from the MoEZ Crochet Yahoo group's message archives that I have been slowly reading through and saving the hints and tips from all those who posted. I am sure that you will find that some of hints/helps/tips are repeated more than once in some sections but I am trying to make things as easy as possible for people looking for information and have been working on adding links under the sections as to where to look for more information within my site in regards to things.
     Please feel free to "wander" through my web pages to find whatever help you need/want - just be prepared that it may take you awhile to read everything that is here. *L* I do promise to try to remember to put the updated graphic sign up in the sections on this page as I add/update information though so I hope that will help you to find whatever you may be looking for! *S*
     If you have any tips that you would like to share and have in this section, please e-mail me and I will be glad to add it to these pages ASAP. Please remember that while most of these tips are MoEZ-related, they can apply to non-MoEZ work as well.

MoEZ FAQs & Tips From Others

  1. Afghan Sizes
    Gives common/standard measurements for mattresses, comforters, and bedspreads along with MoEZ hook information for sizes for making afghans/blankets for babies, daybeds, sofas, and beds.
  2. Afghan Stitch
    The difference between the afghan stitch and other kinds of regular crochet.
  3. Bobs/Bobbins Updated!19 Mar. 2006
    Explains what a bob, bobbin, or yarn butterfly bobbin is, what they look like, gives helpful hints for using them, and how to prevent tangling. Also tells how to make your own, where to find/buy them and bobbin substitutes.
  4. Books/Booklets
    Recommended books for doing the afghan stitch in crochet.
  5. Borders/Edging
    Gives information about the way others have finished off their afghans.
  6. Casting On
    How to cast on stitches.
  7. Changing Colors Updated!18 Jan. 2004
    How to add on/join/change colors/yarn while crocheting and how to avoid having holes in your work. There are also links to web sites to learn the Russian method of joining yarn.
  8. Chapped Fingers
    Some helpful hints as to what to do/use for chapped fingers.
  9. Chevrons
    Explains what a chevron is and gives Val's pattern for making one.
  10. Converting a .doc file to a .jpg one
    How to convert a .doc file into a .jpg one
  11. Counting Rows Updated!
    How to count rows done in afghan stitch.
  12. Craft Abbreviations for Online Chats/Groups Updated!
    A list of some of the most common abbreviations used in online craft chats/groups/newsletters.
  13. Curling
    How to prevent curling for crocheted items made in the afghan stitch.
  14. Dealing With Ends
    How to deal with ends in your crocheted work and how to weave them in.
  15. Entrelac
    A brief explanation of what Tunisian Entrelac is along with a link to see some work done in it.
  16. Faces
    How to make/draw a face while making a pattern.
  17. Felting
    Explains what felting is and how to do it for your cotton and wool yarns.
  18. Frog It
    What "frog it" means.
  19. Gauge Updated! 28 August 2004
    Explains about gauge and a gauge swatch in crocheting and how to find out what your gauge is when using a certain size hook.
  20. Graphs Updated!
    How to convert a graph and the best kind to use. Also tells how to read a graph for right-handers and left-handers, what to do about outlining/cross-stitching on your work as well as how to keep your place while reading a graph pattern.
    I recently got a request for a "blonde's" step-by-step approach to graphs so I will try my best to provide that information here on its own page.
  21. Hooks Updated!
    What a MoEZ hook is and the difference between them and other crochet hooks; where to get MoEZ hooks. How to hold a MoEZ hook; care of MoEZ hooks; storage & care of MoEZ hooks; what the best/preferred size of MoEZ hook is to use; what hook to use for borders; MoEZ hook sizes & equivalents; hook sizes and yarn types to use. Also gives crochet hook/knitting needles equivalents and a link for how to make your own hooks.
  22. Lefties Updated! 7 October 2006
    Useful information and links for left-handed people for crocheting.
  23. Loose Stitches Updated! 27 December 2004
    Some suggestions on what to do/try if you are having trouble with loose stitches
  24. Making A Pull Skein or Yarn Swift/Winder Updated! 21 Feb. 2007
    Information and links for making your own pull skein or a yarn swift/winder.
  25. Miscellaneous
    Odds and ends of information.
  26. Mochet
    Val gives the explanation for the term "mocheting."
  27. MoEZ URLs Updated! 7 October 2006
    The MoEZ_Crochet Yahoo Group's list of recommended URLs.
  28. Organizing
    Nice tips for organizing your yarn and more.
  29. PC Stitch Updated! 16 May 2003
    Helpful hints for using the PC Stitch software program, such as using PC Stitch to make a graph, about PC Stitch & PatternMaker software, exporting your PCS pattern file, converting your exported .bmp pattern into a .jpg/.gif, signing your completed graph, making a specific size of a graph, and changing graph grid line colors.
  30. Printing & Scanning Tips Updated! 16 Aug. 2007
    Hints for scanning graphs and/or printing out graphs or from ones you find online at a web site, a Epson album, Ramona's Printing Tips for Epson Albums, Marsha's How-to for Printing Graphs in 4 pages, or in a PictureTrail album. Also have some Scanning/Printing/Enlarging Tips for patterns from yarn wrapper labels.
  31. Row Counts Updated!
    Explains what a row count is, how to make one, how to read one, how to read one for "lefties", and keeping your place while reading a row count/graph.
  32. Russian Joining Method Yarn
    Links to learn how to do this unique way of joining two pieces of yarn together in the middle of your work.
  33. Stitches
    How to do some of the stitches for use in crocheting like the puff stitch or the purl stitch. Also how to take off stitches. For more detailed help or photos, I recommend that you check out my tutorials links list - there are some really good ones listed there.
  34. Tangles
    How to prevent yarn from tangling
  35. Translations Updated!30 May 2007
    Useful links to translate crafting language(s)
  36. Yarn Updated!10 Apr. 2007
    How-to's for keeping yarn on your hook, holding a MoEZ hook, using multiple strands of Australian yarn, figuring out the amount of yarn you need to have/use with a MoEZ hook; where to buy yarn online. Also what a yarn "bra" is (and how to make your own!), yarn equivalents/substitutions, and weights as well as information about "eyelash" or "fun fur" yarn with some links to find/buy it online.

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