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Salior Scouts

Okay, this page is going to be all about the Sailor Scouts because pages just with Serena and Darien bug me. The scouts are just as important as those 2 lovers are. 8^) Anyway, as most of you dedicated fans know, the scouts are Princesses of there own respective planets and they each have their own attacks. For any of you non-fans the scouts are Sailor Moon's friends who help her defeat evil. Also, each of them has their own color. :-) And I think that's been plenty of babling so now on to some pictures! Yay! Sorry to say but I couldn't fit Amy on this page (and anyway, Jedi Padawan insisted on doing her) so you'll have to see her on another page! Plus, Jedi Padawan has a lot more stuff on her. :-)


Rei is the scout who has the hottest temper and is always fighting with Salior Moon. She's also the oldest scout I think. She lives with her grandpa at a temple. Her color is red and her planet is Mars. Her attacks all have to do with fire. At the begining she likes Darien, but then when she finds out he's Tuxedo Mask and he and Serena are supposed to be together she trys to get over him. When Serena is feeling bad Rei is usually the person who encourages her not to give up. During the series Chad has a majior crush on her and she addmits to liking him a bit. So...hehe. They're gonna be an item. (says me):-)


Okay, Mina is Salior Venus and her color has been debated and it comes down to be Orange or Yellow. No one can deiced. I personally say it's orange. Anyway, Artemis is her cat. Also, she's the 5th scout to come into the series and is the most popular one. You can tell this because in the series she has a video game! She's kinda like Serena, in the sense that she can't cook and is bad at helping people even though she means well. Her attack centers on Love and Beauty. She's the friendliest scout. Unfortunatley, the series never shows much about her personal life so we don't knoe who she likes.


Okay, Lita is Salior Jupiter and her color is Green. She's the scout who's a tomboy and loves to kick butt while fighting. :-) Also, she thinks every guy she meets looks like one of her old boyfriends. Ususally the boyfriend she mentions is Freddy who isn't shown in the series. Eventually she likes Ken but I don't think it shows this in the American series :-(. She's the best cook. Her attacks all center around Thunder. She's also the strongest inner scount physically. :-)

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