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Okay, since Amy is my sister's favorite Sailor Scout , this part of my site is dedicated to her. Yeah, it will have more info. than the other scouts, but hey, if you don't like Sailor Mercury, then you can just go Back to the main page . If you are still reading this, I hope you like it. :-)

The Many Faces of Amy

As you can tell, Amy is more than what she seems. She is also Sailor Mercury and Super Sailor Mercury. Amy's usually the scout that gets everyone out of really sticky situations because she comes up with good plans. Amy's Birthday is on September 10th. Her favorite subject is Math and she does not have a least fav. subj. Amy is a real brain and always strives to be at the top at everything she does (mostly in school). Amy liked one guy, Greg, for 2 episodes and then he moved (why did he have to do that! They were so cute together!).

Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mercury's powers are ice/water and her color is blue. Her attacks for Sailor Mercury are: "Mercury Bubbles Blast", "Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze", and "Shine Aqua Illusion". Usually her attacks confuse the bad guys and give the other scouts time to get their attacks up and running. (I don't know if the Super Sailor Mercury atacks are the same or different, if you know, tell me). Isn't this a cool picture? :-)


This is what it looks like right after Amy transforms. The sign behind her is the sign for her planet. Sorry that the picture is so small.

Well thats all, I hope you liked it!

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