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Negaverse scum

Okay, this page is going to be all about the some of the Evil people the Sailor Scouts have to fight. In the English dub version they fight the negaverse the most so, this page will be about them. The negaverse people are the first bad guys that the scouts fight....and in the end they defet the negaverse because good always triumps over evil! :-)

Queen Beryl

Queen Beryl is the negaverse leader. She makes up the plans and then has her minions carry out the plans. She's in love with Darien and at one point in the series she trys to brainwash him so that he'll work for her but she fails becuase Serena and Darien's love is to strong. Yay! The good guys always win. She gets most of her guidance from the nega force...I think...Anyways, here's her picture.


Zoisite is one of Queen Beryl's generals and she hates Tuxedo Mask becuase he always foils her plans to kill the Sailor Scouts. She was originally a man but got changed into a girl because she was in love with Malachite another one of Beryl's generals. I'm not sure what her attack centers on but it includes hearts and lots of nega energy. Queen Beryl eventually kills her because she tries to kill Tuxedo Mask. The last words she says are to Malachite. (Isn't that sweet!) Anyways, her purpose was to get all of the rainbow crystals for Queen Beryl. She was unsuccessful though because Tuxedo Mask had 2 of the crystals. If you haven't seen any of the episodes you're probably lost by now. Sorry! If you want tons of more information e-mail me!


Malachite is Queen Beryl's last general before she's destroyed. He's also her most powerful general. His job was to get the Imperium Silver Crystal from Sailor Moon. To bad for him he never succeeded. After Zoisite dies he's very sad. Also, when Tuxedo Mask was brainwashed and in Beryl's service he always stopped Malachite's plans in some way or another, so Malachite never succeeded. (as you can kinda see he lead a sad life.) :-(

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Good Guys ;-)