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Domestic Investigation

Whenever someone discovers that his or her significant other is lying and being unfaithful, an immediate emotional combination of extreme hurt, feelings of betrayal, anger, revenge and bewilderment takes place. Many times words are said and actions taken by both parties that can make the situation even worse.

When a potential client contacts our Agency with a Domestic problem, our staff members are trained to listen patiently and advise the person to slow down and take a deep breath.  We try to obtain all the information needed before any appropriate action is taken.  Each domestic situation is unique and may require one or several different investigative approaches.

Special Inquiry Company is equipped to handle covert surveillance videotaping sometimes with the use of a tracking devise. We use hidden cameras in strategic settings if necessary. Document research is conducted which can further verify or rule out cheating activity, etc.  Computer experts on our staff can download deleted material off of a hard drive if needed. We always try to obtain as much information beforehand from the client, so that the investigation runs smoother, more economical and in a timely manner. 

Photographs of the suspected cheater are requested along with information about his or her known associates and hangouts.  A good game plan takes time to set up.  We always caution the client not to change any outward behavior on their part and never personally follow or have a friend follow the subject. The client usually is too emotionally involved with the situation and their behavior will probably upset any advantage the investigator has to catch the cheater in the act.

It is our Company’s policy to request from the client a reasonable retainer up front.  However, we will do our best to keep the costs down.  We would rather have you be satisfied with our work and recommend us to another potential client than to charge a higher fee.  Many times, we reimburse the client if the investigation does not require the use of the total retainer.

Naturally, any information we obtain is strictly confidential and is revealed only to the client.  By law, we have to respect the client/investigator privilege just like the clergy; a doctor or a lawyer.  If you have any questions, please contact us. Our initial consultation is free of charge.