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Activity Check And Surveillance

Our insurance adjusting and investigation background enables us to more clearly establish the extent of injuries, employment status and activities of a personal injury claimant.  We will conduct a neighborhood canvass, check court and credit header records for pertinent data, in addition to spot checking the claimant’s residence at various times of the day and evening.  Our investigations are handled on an individual and result oriented basis.  An experienced examiner supervises each file.

We will conduct surveillances and videotape any activity that will establish the employment status and current extent of disability of the claimant.  We avoid lengthy and expensive surveillances by our policy of developing sufficient information prior to initiating our surveillance effort.  We have found it unproductive to initiate lengthy stakeouts where earlier spot checks have been able to substantially reduced the surveillance expenses to our clients and improve the results.

All of our investigators are licensed and bonded with years of experience.  Our reports are complete and thorough.  We don't leave any loose ends.