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10-24-00 Wow, I just turned VH1 on and Peter Steele was on the list!! The topic was "most shocking artist"

10-21-00 The lyrics for "World Coming Down" are done.

10-9-00 I didn't have time for the page this summer either (i'm the other guy on the page). I deleted the other bands link. It was too much of a pain to update, and too many people wanted to be listed on it.

10-6-00 Oh my god. It's like I totally forgot about this site, sorry, I'll try harder. you all have probably heard by now that there is a greatest hits album coming out on 0ct. 31, Halloween, oh yeeaaah. There is also finally a really good official site up now at www.typeonegative.net, so make sure you check that site out, it's pretty cool.

4-7-00 Well it's been a while since the last update. For some odd reasons a couple things on our page have gone screwy, so until we fix it, this is the format. We removed the pop-up angelfire window...it was annoying to say the least. However, in place of the window we have to place their advertising on the page. Other than that, not much of anything new on the TON front. Stay negative.

2-20-00 Just added a new type o link. it has a couple tabs and lyrics. http://www.geocities.com/seedpup. That's about it.

1-27-00 Roadrunner created a contest for today and today only to name the new Type O Negative and Coal Chamber tour that is about to happen: COAL CHAMBER and TYPE O NEGATIVE TOUR NAME???? "Here's the deal - COAL CHAMBER AND TYPE O NEGATIVE are about the trek across the United States bringing the rock to the needy everywhere. BUT... We need a name for the tour!!! And we need it right now! Enter your idea for the name here. This is a one day contest. The winner will be picked TODAY. Sooo hurry up dammit!" Since it's only today I guess this is pretty crappy news but as stated previously there is a tour starting soon with the two aforementioned bands. A few cities have been named by Ticketmaster. http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/contest
1-6-00 Not much of anything new. Some people were wondering about the "everything dies" video. You can find it at the Roadrunner Website
12-10-99 Here's the deal. The mp3s do work but you must hold shift down when you download them. The other thing is they sometimes won't download. It is probably just something screwy with angelfire. A new TON link was added to TON Clubs on Yahoo