Peter on life: "We live to avoid death, we exist to avoid unexistence."

Peter talking about the girls that come to there concerts: "There's no doubt about that. We've got a lot of female couples that come to see the band which is not a problem for me. The more the merrier I always say."

Peter after asked about the heavy work load of promoting 'October Rust': "They've got me working. They're feeding me so that's fun. They have a girl who comes in every hour and she puts a bib on me and spoon feeds me while I talk. She will not breast feed me. I just don't know what the problem is."

Peter when asked if he likes heaven or hell better: "Probably hell, because that's where all of my friends and family are."

Peter on Bass Playing: "People ask how I learned to play bass with one hand. Well, with a face like mine, you learn to do a lot of things with one hand."

Peter on the PlayGirl issue: "I think the strangest thing is that just as many guys as girls had this issue with them. A lot of guys came up, 'Nice prick, Pete!' and they wanted to know if it was real. I'm like, 'Well, this is the size of my hand, put your hand up next to mine. It's in proportion!'"

Peter on the lyrical content of 'October Rust': "Has a lot to do with paganism, a lot to do with the woods and autumn, a lot to do with women because being filthy hetero scum in this band, we can't keep our minds off that."

Peter on the song 'Wolf Moon': "It's about a male who turns into a werewolf whenever he engages in oral sex with a menstruating woman...It comes from experience!"

Peter on Johnny Kelly joining the band: "I think that in a band, it's not just a sonic thing. Johnny's compatibility isn't just musical, it's his appearance as well. We try to look the way we sound and vice versa because when you're on stage you don't want a contrast between sound and sight. Not only was he a good friend before he came into the band, but he fit the part; the low IQ thing..."

Peter on the song 'Cinnamon Girl': "It only has four chords and I only know four chords so it's the song for us."

Peter on HIS marriage: "I have been married but I'm not anymore. It wasn't a real marriage. It was like playing house."

Peter on the Cover of "October Rust": "It's a picture of four, thorny stems that run from top to bottom on a black background. It pretty much represents the four members of the band. It looks very phallic too. The thorns on the stem say something about the dangers of the penis."

Peter still talking about Penises: "We decided to follow our hearts and penises and see where they take us. That usually leads to trouble, but that's what I'm used to."

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