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12-9-99 The lyrics for "World Coming Down" have been posted. They aren't finished yet but they will be complete within a week or so
12-8-99 After receiving a few emails about the mp3s not working, we think that angelfire may have removed them. If not, then we are pretty much clueless. We will try our best to get them up again. If you are dying that much for type o mp3s, as we're sure you are,there are a couple of popular mp3 search engines that have TON mp3s posted sometimes. There is also but you need an ftp client to retrieve them. Legal Notice: We in no way endorse downloading mp3s, and are not affiliated in any action you commit with them.
10-26-99 The album debuted at 39 on the billboard 200 and was 100 last week. Not much else news wise. The TON Link page has been updated; more sites will be added. There are some articles in magazines here and there...saw one in Spin (they reviewed the new album as "outstanding"), and some metal mags.
9-22-99 Of course the new album is out, and it is Awesome! That's it for now, but hopefully there should be more additions to the page shortly.
8-17-99 Another song clip is posted at Just click on the link below this. Also a possible cover has been posted at The new album "World Coming Down" is due out September 21.
7-18-99 The new album should be out September 21. There is a snippet from the song "Everyone I love is Dead" posted at It's in an mp3 format and it sounds great.
5-30-99 Nothing really new. The new album should be out late this summer.
4-5-99 Thanks to someone out there at some university ETSU for the lead. The Roadrunner Records website has posted the new album as WORLD COMING DOWN. The release date is pending.
3-26-99 Two more mp3's are up on the download page and we have three more songs already ripped that just need some space and they will be accessable there.
3-24-99 Just yesterday the Carrie 2 soundtrack was released, and TON has a song on it. The song is "Die with me", which is from October Rust, it is not remixed. More updates will follow when more things happen.
2-8-99 The other song title "Metal Maniacs" listed as part of TON's new album is "Pyretta Blaze". The other songs listed from the set are below.
2-8-99 While checking out a new search engine, a site with a music search engine popped up. I found it has the beginnings of a Type O Negative search engine. It allows you to search for such items as mp3s, vinyl records, articles, books, and more. How is it? It's mediocre from what i have seen so far. I found some places where you can get "October Rust" on vinyl and a UK cd of "Christian woman" with three bonus tracks. Nothing super, but if you are looking for little things like these to to your collection, it is helpful. Rare things more than likely will not show up. I noticed a few sucky things with searching for mp3s. While the search found many Type O Negative mp3s, some of the mp3 sites were down. Well check it out for yourself and drop a line to tell us what you think. Anyway, here's the link: TON Search
2-4-99 Just saw the magazine "Metal Maniacs". They listed the new album as being titled "Profits of Doom". To make things more interesting they stated four supposed titles from the set list: "Creeping Green Light", "Everyone I Love is Dead", "All Hallow's Eve", and one other I do not recall off hand. Also, thanks to Lindsay out there for the lead on the "Metal Edge" mag!
2-2-99 Kudos to "Metal Edge" magazine for a flashlight's glimpse on Type O Negative. They even threw some pics in, which are available on our pics page. They also had a couple little blurbs on the band which in short said that the new record will be more riff oriented, than October Rust was and that the lyrics were going to be less about women, and more about the band's 3 D's: "death, drugs, and depression." While no day is set, the band is possibly eyeing, "any friday the 13th, full moon, Halloween, or St. Patriks Day." In closing the band says, "We don't know what's going to come of this, but it'll be the best we can. If we can't follow our hearts, there's nothing to follow." Thanks again to "Metal Edge" magazine april 1999 issue.
1-26-99 Little news again. The metal magazine "Kerrang" picked Type O Negative's new album as their tenth biggest album of this year. They listed the new album as being titled "Profits of Doom". Whether this remains the title is unknown. Other bands named in the list of 25 include Rage ATM, GNR (with Axl), Tool, Pantera, Bush, and NIN. Should be an interesting year.
1-7-99 Still not much of any big news. The new album will not be released until sometime early spring/summer this year.
12-1-98 Not really any big news right now. The new album is being worked on, and should be out early next year. Aside from that, we watched the "Nosferatu: Symphony of Horror" video that contains a Type O score. It was great to say the least! It's especially worth checking out if you like classic horror films. Some may not care for it though.
9-30-98 Psychic's we are not, just good guessers, yes, that's right there's a nother Type O Negative concert scheduled.

The Trocadero Theatre
10Th & Aarch St. Philadelphia, PA
For Info Call: 215-922-LIVE
Sat. Oct. 31, 1998 8:00pm

For this one, you can purchase the tickets through ticketmaster. We'll let you know if we hear anything else.
9-28-98 Well for those of you who don't know, Eric and I have merged our Type O Negative web pages, to make a more one stop expansive TON page. The movie "Chucky's Bride", will not have a new song by TON, instead it will feature "Love you to death". It will also have some older metal songs on it, such as, "Thunder kiss '65" by White Zombie and some other new stuff. Another recent release with Peter Steele on it is "Witchblade", which is a soundtrack based upon the comic book. Yet another is the new video "Nosferatu" which features an all Type O Negative score of mostly older songs. You may even find it at your local video store, as we've seen it at ours. As far as we've heard the concert is still on at:

Friday, October 30
The Roxy
279 Tremont St., Boston MA

It is being hosted by the radio station WAAF - 107.3 FM, and I know of no ticket information for it yet. I checked ticketmaster and they don't even remember who Type O Negative is, so if you can't wait for that information I would fork over the coin to the phone company and call there information number of the station 616-252-4223. If that doesn't get you anywhere, you can harass their business line of the station 617-236-1073. You can also e-mail the promotion coordinator or the promotion director I e-mailed both of the before listed people, and the promotion coordinator said that she can niether confirm nor deny anything, but that the tickets were for NOT going to be for sale. If you are in the Boston area and you hear on that radio station anything about the concert, we both would apreciate it if you would e-mail us any new knowledge you can obtain as we are quite out of range. Nothing else has been heard on any other dates being added, but we will keep our eyes open for them. Due to the collaboration of pages a new email address has been Well that's about it for this time, so remember:

9-24-98 Type O is slated to be on the new "Chucky's Bride" Soundtrack. Whether it is a new song remains to be seen. Also, the new "Witchblade" album is out. It features Peter along with, I believe, a lady from "Babes in Toyland". Also, you might be able to find the new movie "Nosferatu". It contains a musical score by Type O Negative. A lot of it is their old stuff. I know they had it back in my hometown for rent.

9-21-98 Well I've got half a juicy nugget for all the Type O Negative fans in the northeast corner of the United States. They will be headlining a show put up by WAAF - 107.3 FM.

Friday, October 30
The Roxy
279 Tremont St., Boston MA

I checked the web site above, and I couldn't find anything about the show yet. The band has booked other unreleased venues for unreleased dates that may or may not be added to this show to make a sort of "mini tour". If I were going to be in New York on October 29 though, I would probably leave my plans open. As of yet you can not purchase the tickets, but as soon as I figure out how to, then I will relay that to all. As always I'll keep my eyes open and ear to the ground on these latest happenings.

9-4-98 Good Lord it has been ages since I was last here, but now that college is back in session, there should be some more frequent updates. Well the rumor mill is still running, and it's latest is that the new album may be called "Aggroculture." Pete joked about that one in an interview a while ago, so it's just speculation. I have also heard that they are doing a Beatles cover, weather it makes it to any album will remain to be seen. Just to delve into a little more speculation, a friend of mine and I were discussing some possibilites of which one they would do. He then remembered that on the back of one of his shirts it says "All you need is blood." Could this possibly be a little foreshadowing that they would remake "All you need is Love." We thought that would be pretty cool with a TON bass line, it sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it. Of course this is all just speculation so we shall just have to wait until spring 1999. They have been in the studio for a while now and they have about 9 songs completed, so the album is coming along nicely. It is supposed to have longer songs on it, and no radio types. Well that's about all I can remember now, I am going to try and get some more mp3's up here, but it will take a week or too. Remember the brown acid is bad.

5-21-98 Well I'm back here for another update. I see lots of people have been stopping by and they have had lots of questions from the guestbook and e-mail, so now I shall attempt to answer a few of those questions. Type O Negative is supposed to be in the studio for another year creating there next album. The only rumored tour activity that I have heard is that Carnivore may be touring some time soon here. Just in case you didn't know, "Carnivore", is Peter Steele's former band, the music is a lot harder and a lot faster. TON has went through Ticketmaster in the past, so I would reccomend checking there for information, but last I checked they knew nothing. The album should be out this time next year, but then again there are always hang ups so know one really can be sure on an exact date, it's to far to tell anyway. After Dark is out and it has been that way for quite a while now. I have seen copies for sale at Where House Records, Tower Records, Best Buy, and Media Play. If you don't see it stocked, just ask some one in that depatment if they do speacial orders, many music stores will do this, but they don't always advertise that they do. If you don't have a copy yet, then you need to get one! Well that's about it for questions, I willl try to find some more stuff to post up here asap. Make sure you check out FireworK's Type O Negative page. It may not be visualy stunning yet, but his insights are very intelligent, and worth the time to read. Well there isn't much else to say, so just remember to stay negative.

3-15-98 Welcome to yet another Type O Negative page. This one is different though, because unlike the others it will be about Type O Negative, their music and their demented personality. Oh wait I forgot that's what all of these pages are about, maybe I can pull someting out of my ass that will make this page better, we shall see. I got the new After Dark video last night and let me tell you it kicks ass. Unlike some bands vidos that I have, it's hilarious. The cuts between Kenny piss drunk and talking about how much he loves his daughter made me

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