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Psy's Page of Vampirism

"There are a lot of innocent people being crucified."
-The Thrill Kill Kult

Welcome all beyond the world of rhyme and reason, outside the parallels which society has put up for you. Welcome into the place where minds make right, and reality is established here and now out of the tiniest corners of our minds. Into the vast oceans and dark canyons which lurk inside my head. I am here to bring it all to life, here and now. So sit back, light a candle, and dive into my world.

Fallen Angels seem to glide around on wings of steel, but what are they. What does it mean? Fallen Angels are those who stand up for what they believe in. Those who show the courage to say something isnt right, and to fight to show that they too know how to play war games. Wings go on to people after they've shown that they don't need the world's approval to be something. That they don't need labels and sympathetic prayers from those people who would rather see them behind bars. No matter what faith, Fallen Angels exist because in our world people strive to become something other than what they were taught and told to be. Without the many Fallen Angels in this world, no one would be able to think, and would effectively cease to exist. So when I say "Fallen Angels" I don't talk about storybook characters of evil and corruption. I talk about some of the most real people around- those whom you would not find in stories of yore. I say this first to point out simple facts. If you come here looking for evil misguided faces, you're in the wrong place. Try a church. I do not follow the wrong path. I make mine as I go along.

Finally! New Stuff!!!

Check out the new Bio section, plus more original prose and poetry posted almost daily!

Here it is finally, the beginning of the great website update. I know it's been long overdue and I thank everyone who visits this site for their patience. If this is your first time at this site, I hope you enjoy it and find it at least somewhat enlightening. The update will be a somewhat slow, but hopefully not all together stagnant process. At first it will take me awhile to assemble things off-line and to work out what I wish for this sight. A domain purchase may even be in order eventually.

So what can you look forward to with the site update? There will be far more additions to the Paganism and Satanism sections. I plan on reviewing many more organizations and giving you my somewhat slanted but always honest and always entertaining review. I'll continue to put up original prose and poetry from yours truely, and may even add a little bit about the open mic night that I've become incredibly involved here at the Dragon's Den in New Orleans. The Vampirism section will see a massive expansion including a look at biological "vampiric" diseases, and an especial focus on my specialty--Psychic Vampirism. I would like to thank your many e-mail questions and comments for helping with ideas on adding to the site. Possible additions include a new section titled "Angels" and yes, as much as I have avoided it in the past, a brief biography of myself may also be added. Once again, thanks for everyone's patience, questions, comments, and suggestions. Your feedback is the reason I continue to put any time and effort at all into this site. Ok, maybe a bit of it has to do with ego gratification but only a little...

That being said...

Allow me to introduce myself briefly. I've been known to many as "PsyVampyr" for well over eight years now, and I am the creator of this website. For those of you who don't know already, PsyVampyr means "Psychic Vampire". The term has a few meanings, but the one that it was first derived from will be explained later in the Vampirism page. I'm back to living in New Orleans and am starting to get most things together for a change. Though I usually have something or other going on, I like distractions and conversations so feel free to try and catch me on AIM under the handle "PsyVampyr" or e-mail me at

giving credit where credit's due
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(yes, the Nexus has changed but they have not made a new banner and the Mantus link is dead but I keep it as a shine and reminder of the greatness that once was Mantus)

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February 21, 2004