Learn Bagpipes!

You too can learn to play the pipes!

Classes are offered through Troy Adult and Community Education, taught primarily by Pipe Major William O'Donnell. The lessons are given in Fall, Winter, and Spring, at 7:30pm on Thursdays.

Students of all ages are welcome; no bagpipes or prior musical experience is required. You will have to forget everything you ever learned about playing a musical instrument anyway. You do NOT need to know how to read music.

Cost is $99 for approx. 10 weeks of class, plus about $70 for a practice chanter (you can buy one the first day of class -- don't try to buy one on your own).

This is an excellent way to start a lifelong piping career, or just to gain a basic understanding of the instrument to increase your listening enjoyment.

Begin the adventure here!

Want to join the band? If you're already a piper or drummer and are interested in joining the band, we'd love to hear from you!