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Please check out these other great websites!

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A Stitch in time Custom embroidery and Kilt making

Aberdeen Bagpipe Supply Good place to buy CDs as they have track listings on their website

Build a set of pipes from PVC tubing??? But why???

Cranford Publications -- Publishers of Cape Breton music

D. Bruce Bennett Celtic Art -- Lots of cool Celtic and bagpipe related art -- we bought some

Flint Scottish Pipe Band -- Flint, MI

Henderson Bagpipes, Traverse City, MI

MacUmba -- Crazy samba pipe band

Midwest Pipe Band Association: Welcome to!

Pipeline -- Excellent weekly piping radio show produced by the BBC -- available online

Piper and Drummer, magazine of the PPBSO (excellent!)

Pipers and Pipe Band Society of Ontario

Scottish Internet Radio

The Shetland Piper -- Kilts and accessories -- no pipe stuff