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Cat-a-Purr.....The "Kitty Angel"

My job on earth is finished.......

I raised a beautiful kitten that had been abandoned and didn't have the first idea how to be a cat! I took this scrawny kitten and taught it everything it needed to know; how to eat out of a dish, how to use the kitty litter, how to strengthen it's legs on the wall, (neither of us had front claws to sharpen) how to love and be loved, and even how to meow. Even though I was a neutered male, I was Mom to Mugsy in every sense of the word. I'd bath her, sleep with her, and scold her. Now Mugsy's two years old and I have taught her all I can. Like a human mother, I have taught her right from wrong, that love is the most important thing you can get or receive, and even though I sometimes wasn't feeling well myself, I always had time for Mugsy.

Now that job is finished......

My human Mom went through a lot of heartache and needed love very badly. I came into her life when she needed love the most, and I made sure she never lacked for love and attention again. But sleeping on her lap, purring when she petted me, kissing her when she was especially blue, couldn't make up for the love of a good human companion. Sometimes I'd get so sick and Mom would be so worried, but I knew that God wasn't ready for me yet. Finally, she met a wonderful man that loved her with all his heart. A man that gave her as much love as she gave him. I didn't even mind riding 500 miles in the car to be with him. She has found true love and happiness, they plan to be married, and be a family.

Now that job is finished......

My human "brother" had it pretty rough for his first few years and he too needed love. I wasn't used to all the noise and running because it reminded me of when I was abused by the humans that had abandoned me, but I loved my "brother" with all my heart. He would give me butter to lick off his fingers, my favorite treat, and sometimes I would even curl up on his bed. I led him to Mugsy so he would have his own very special friend, and I taught Mugsy how to love him and help him. Now Cory has a very special kitty of his own and a wonderful Dad that loves and cares for him. A Dad that spends time with him and teaches him how to be a man. He still needs some teaching, but Mugsy and his new family will train him well.

Now that job is finished.....

I adopted a special guy that became my human "Dad" in every sense of the word. He had been through a lot in his life and wanted that special love that endures forever. When Mom introduced us, it was love at first sight for both of us. He swore he would never get too close to someone again, and risk getting hurt. But I changed that in a hurry! I loved to snuggle down on his back at night and sleep. I'd wait at the door at night and ask for my supper as soon as he came in the door. It always tasted so much better when he fed me. I was always sure to say "thank you" after I ate, and was always rewarded by a warm lap to sleep on. My "Dad" would play his guitar and sing for me, and I would purr along. He and Mom would let me sleep in bed with them and I could hear how happy they were and how much they loved each other.

Now that job is finish.....

If it wasn't for my FeLV, I would love to stay longer on this earth, but I'm tired. I had a wonderful life, 4 years more than even I thought possible. I had more love and devotion than most cats ever find in all of their nine lives. When I was 5 years old, I almost couldn't go on, but then God led me to Mom. I was so close to giving up, but God had more for me to do, so he gave me 4 more wonderful years. Mom nursed me until I became the beautiful cat I always knew I could be. I've done my job here on earth and I know it's time to go. I can see the pain and hurt in my family's eyes. My reason for being. I feel the tears and sadness as I lie here waiting for God to come and give me my angel wings. I know that they're hurting but I also know that now they have each other. As time passes, I'm getting weaker, but Mom is there to reassure me and love me. She strokes my once shiny long mane and whispers to me how much I am loved. I want to stay, but God needs a "Kitty Angel" with him. I must cross that "Rainbow Bridge" and someday I will again be with my family.

Until then, my job is finished......



Cat-a-Purr tested positive for FeLV during a routine blood test to be neutered, right after he found us. We were told that there was no cure, and no one knew how long he would live or if he would even make it through the surgery. Cat-a-Purr knew!

He still had so much love to give, and God gave us 4 wonderful, loving years. His last day on earth was pre-planned by God and Cat-a-Purr himself, there's no other explanation for the sequence of events that took place. He had been steadily losing weight, refused to eat, and lay almost motionless most of the time. We were convinced that the end was near and that he was in very little, if any pain. Early that morning, he was laying in the bathroom, not something he usually did, watching our morning routine. After everyone but "Mom" left for the day, he crawled out to lay by me while I worked on the computer, sometimes on his pillow next to me and sometimes on my lap. He couldn't walk, couldn't eat or drink, but he still ate up the constant petting and soothing words. Mugsy snuggled up to him and licked his head as if to say "Good-bye".

Several times, I thought I had lost him, but that wasn't to be...he had a plan! His human "brother" came home from school, and he lay there saying his good-bye's to him, being stroked and loved.

About that time, Cat-a-Purr was getting ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge, but he still had a couple things to do. He could see how deep our hurt and sadness was, so just as he was about to get his wings, he saw a tiny little stray black kitten across the bridge that was all alone and had no one to love and care for him. Cat-a-Purr led him right to our front door, for us to take care of. Not to ever replace him, but to help the healing begin, and to give the new little furbaby a chance to grow into the beautiful cat he could be. Then "Dad" came home from work. Cat-a-Purr snuggled next to him and looked deep into his eyes as if to say, "My job is finished.......and I can go to sleep."

Now we have to deal with our sadness without his purring encouragement. But someday, we will all be together as we cross the "Rainbow Bridge".

Paw through the rest of our "cathold".

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