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First, let me introduce hoomin Dad named me Pooky, after Garfield's teddy bear. My long fur is a pretty black/brown, but I wasn't always this pretty; I was left outside to fend for myself and even though I tried to take care of my fur, it got pretty matted and dirty. This is the true story of how I was led to my new family by a very special "Kitty Angel" by the name of Cat-a-Purr.

I was just a baby when I found myself wondering through the streets. I ate what little I could find, and tried to stay out of the way of those big noisy metal boxes with wheels. Somehow, I knew that if they got me, I would use up my nine lives fast. I came across other animals that were also alone, but they had to watch out for themselves. They didn't have time for a scruffy little black kitten like me. I'd peak in the houses and see little kittens playing with yarn and being held and petted. Oh, how I wanted a family of my own.

I was about to give up when I saw the prettiest rainbow. Just as I was about to cross over to that rainbow, I heard a soft purr....there in front of me was the prettiest "Kitty Angel" I had ever seen. I had dreamed of "Kitty Angels", so when he told me to follow him.... I knew he was there to help me. We hadn't gone very far, when I felt myself being held by a little boy and told me that this was to be my new brother. But first, I must show him that I deserved a home. That was easy!! I just cuddled up in his arms, nibbled his fingers, and revved up my "motor" real loud. Then my "Kitty Angel" disappeared.

My new brother took me to my "new house", but I was in for a big surprise! I thought I would be welcomed with open paws...instead, my new "Mom" was crying and put me in a room all by myself. Was this what a new home was? My "Kitty Angel" had said all I had to do was purr and he would do the rest, what happened? What I didn't know was that Cat-a-Purr ( that was my "Kitty Angel's'" name) was waiting to get his permanent wings, and cross over the "Rainbow Bridge". That's why everybody was so upset and sad. I was still alone, but I had some warm milk and food, and a blanket to sleep on. Not bad for a little orphan. I didn't mind being in there, it was warm and dry, I had all the food I could wolf down, and I had a nice warm bed to sleep on. I could hear everybody crying inside the "big" house, and then everything was quiet. I heard Cat-a-Purr say "goodbye, I'll always watch over you, and you will be my legacy". Now I understood, Cat-a-Purr was gone, and because everyone loved him, they were all very sad.
That night, "Mom" introduced me to my new "Dad". I turned on my "motor" and he seemed to like me. Meoooooow!!! After a nice long sleep in my new bed, I was ready to play! I finally got to go in the "big" house! What a place that much to explore, and so much to get into! I ran back and forth so fast, I slid into the wall a few times, but my head's pretty hard. My biggest discovery was another kitty. She didn't seem too glad to share her house with me. She told me her full name was Ms. Mugsy D. Meow, and that if I would be nice to her, I could call her Mugsy. She seemed downright mad that I was there and kept saying naughty words to me. But I guess I'll just have to show her that I'm only a baby! "Mom" and "Dad" even let me sleep on their bed. I sleep so hard that it doesn't matter where I fall over, but it is nice to have them near in case I have a bad kitty dream.
I also discovered this thing that moves on a screen that I love to chase. "Mom" told me that it was a mouse, and she was working on my very own web page, so everyone could meet me. I want Mom to tell everybody what a pretty kitty I am, I guess I'm conceited, 'cause I'll sit in front of the mirror and stare at myself, but I like looking at that kitty that has all that long shiny black fur. It even moves when I do!
Mom says I'm an unusual kitty........I love to play in water. Instead of calling me, turn on the water, any running water will do, and I'll be there! I jump in the shower and help bat the water on my hoomins, I lay in the sink when Dad is trying to shave, and I even tried to flush myself down that big white bowl in the bathroom. In fact, I sleep in the bathroom until bedtime, then I have a special "kitty nook" in Mom and Dad's room to curl up in. One of my "jobs" is being an alarm clock......every morning at 7:00, (ok, sometimes before) I nibble on Dad and purr real loud to wake him up. Then it's time for "tag with Mugsy". Of course, I always win! Mugsy's such a sore loser, when she doesn't win, she'll slap me and say some not so nice things to me. Oh well, there's a lot of other things to get into! Like shoelaces.....I have a bad habit (so Mom says) of chewing everyone's shoelaces off. I'm just teething, and I don't chew on cords or anything, but now I can't find shoelaces anymore, they always seem to be put out of my reach.
I've sure come a long ways from being a little "stray", but thanks to my special "Kitty Angel", I have a family that loves me, all the toys and food I want, and most of all, all the hugs and kitty kisses I can purr for.

Sometimes my sisfur Mugsy slaps me and says those nasty H & G words to me, so I decided to enroll in Mr. Frass' Ninja School. I studied really hard, and I make sure I practice every day. Now when Mugsy gets mean to me, I can defend myself! I just hope she doesn't find out about the school, or I'll be in really big trouble !!! If you want to learn to be a Feline Ninja, just click on my diploma.

I'm still learning how to train my hoomins, so if you have any suggestions on how to run a household,
Meow Mail me.
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Pooky has a very special sweetheart.....Daisy Mae. He thinks she is really the "cat's meow" and he would like you to paw your way over to her page and see what a sweetheart she is!

Pooky, Daisy Mae, and lots of their friends are really excited to be members of the new
They would like to invite all kitty's to come and join in the fun. There's always something new to see and do at the club, and it's a great way to make lots of new friends.
Hope to see you there SOON!

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