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You Must Be Here To Apply For Our Awards

It's really very simple. All you have to do is put your pawprint in our Guestbook, then read the following requirements to choose an award, and fill out the form below.

Cat-a-Purr's "Kitty Angel Award"

is a very special award given to sites dedicated to cats that have FeLV, FIV, or an incureable disease. Also to Tribute's for a furchild who has crossed the "Rainbow Bridge".

Pooky's "Paw Print Award"

will be presented to outstanding cat pages across the net. They must be suitable for family viewing, and not contain any cruelty or abuse to animals. Pooky is very selective, he loves to look at graphics, photos, and he's still got a lot to learn, so he's also looking for sights that have good information and fun stuff.

Please enter your Name:

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Please check the award you are applying for:

I am applying for Cata-a-Purr's "Kitty Angel Award".

I am applying for Pooky's "Paw Print Award".

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Make sure you have signed our guestbook and the box above is checked before sending.

When you are ready, press the Submit button Once

We will paw our way over to your sight as soon as "pawsable", and if you meet the requirements, will will send you the information and award by E-Mail. We will also add a link to your sight on our Award Winners Page.

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We'd like to give a very special "THANK YOU" to The Coop for the beautiful graphics we used in our awards.