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In 1664 a young man set sail for the New World from his home in Enniskillen, Ireland. Leaving faded, broken dreams, and a uncertain future behind him, we can imagine his fear and anticipation as he held on to the ship's rail and watched the land disappear on the eastern horizon. Cormac Annis knew that he also held onto a new future and opportunity in a wider and more promising land. He did not leave his home in Ireland and travel to this land seeking an easy berth. He came with the full knowledge that to establish himself, and raise up a new family would mean only unrelenting toil and severe hardship. This is the story of his success in establishing his family in North America.
It is also the story of the many other early Annis pioneers and their legacy.

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A History of the Surname - Annis and the Coat of Arms according to Burke's Peerage

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Annis Family Reunion

Rockport, ME - 2000

Annis Family Association Reunion

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 Annis Family Association on Facebook

Annis Family Genealogies, Manuscripts and Biographies and Images

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Yearly Notable Annis 

David Annis of Hopkinton and Bath, NH

by John McNab Currier

The Annis Family in the American Civil War

by Michael James Annis

Autobiography of

Dr. John Richard Annis

"Adopted" Annises

Those who have assumed the name through adoption or name change

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A collection of newspaper articles that include events about Annis family members

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A collection of places, objects and features that have the name "Annis"

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A collection of photographs sent to, or collected by me, of Annis family members, events, etc. 

 Annis Photo Part 2

A collection of photographs sent to, or collected by me, of Annis family members, events, etc.

The Diary of Joel Coburn Annis


Horace H. Annas 1860-1941

A theme paper written by his granddaughter

Annis Family Photo Albums

 Annis Children Part 1

Ai Stillman Annis Family

Charles Annis Family

George Franklin Annis Family

Annis Children Part 2 

William Harold Annis Family

James Willis Annis Family

Ira Phelps Annis Family

Annis Children Part 3

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Annis Family Honor Roll - 1708 1861

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World War II

Annis Family Honor Roll - 1939-1945

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World War II

Annis Family Honor Roll - 1939-1945

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World War II

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Annis Family Honour Roll - 1914-2015

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Specific Reading on Annis Veteran's Service

The Annis Family in the War of 1812

The Annis Family in World War Two

Special Veteran's Dedications

James Bernard Annis Jr. 1920-1945

Dedicated to James B. Annis and the crew of the USS Indianapolis

Harold Robert Annis 1924-2006

Dedicated to my father.

Ralph Hamilton Annis 1932-

Wing Commander and member of the RCAF Golden Hawks - Under Construction

 Michael James Annis
My Time in Viet-Nam

Augustus Hammersley Annis 1833-1910

Airman 1st Class Thomas Richard Annis 1942-1966

Dedicated to Tom Annis and the crew of the KC-135 Stratotanker #4444

The Annis Family in Canada

Annis Annals 1638-1931

The Annis Family Association - Oshawa 1931

The History of Washington Methodist Church and Cemetery

The Annis Family of Scarbourough, Ontario

Charles Annis 1738-1823 and his Sons

A Canadian Heritage

Annis Canadian Census Records


Early Annis Lineages and Records

Cormac Annis Records

Charles Cormac Annis 1638-1717

The Last Will and Testament of Cormac and Sarah Annis

The Sons of Cormac Annis

Joseph - Abraham - Aquila - Isaac

The Daughters of Cormac Annis

Sarah - Priscilla -Hannah- Anne

The Sons of John Annis 1700

The Sons of Ezra Annis 1726

The Sons of Levi Annis 1786

The Family of Michael Annis 1762

Other Annis Lineage

The Descendants of Charles Annis of Barnstable County, Massachusetts

A photo page of descendants of the "other Charles".

The Descendants of Charles Annis of Barnstable County, Massachusetts - The First Four Generations

The Descendants of Samuel Annis of Windham, New Hampshire

The known descendants of Samuel Annis c.1705-1748

Richard Annis of Huntingdonshire, England and his Descendants

Robert R. Annis of Virginia and Tennessee and his Descendants

The known descendants of Robert R. Annis 1815-1865

Jeremiah Annas of North Carolina and His Descendants

The known descendants of Jeremiah Annas

Notable Annis Family Members

Annis Pioneers

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Annis Pioneers

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Annis Pioneers

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Annis in Sports

Annis Women

Annis Murders, Accidents

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Annis Immigrants, Emigrants and Travelers

Robert Baine Annis 1907-1999
A Man of Precision<

Ezra Annes 1796-1857
Mayor of Whitby, Ontario

Whats New

Newest "Found" Annis Photograph

Daniel Gage Annis

The Annis Family in the American Civil War on FaceBook

Nice Places To Go

Ezra Annes House Bed and Breakfast - located in Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

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