An Annis Family in America
Jere Wright Annis II
Ancestors and Descendants

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From the family of Jere Wright Annis II:
"This publication, Annis Family in America, has been compiled and printed for the education and enjoyment of the Annis family members. The publication is being distributed to the children and grandchildren of Jere W. Annis II, MD. The information has been gathered from family members and from historical information obtained from the Annis Family Association.
This publication focuses on the Annis Crest, the Annis Name and the Annis Lineage. So it is a beginning and not a complete documentation of the Annis Family and all of its accomplishments.
For example, Jere III and Judy have visited Enniskillen, Ireland and can share that experience. Mary has extensive information on the grandparents and traveled with them, so she has many stories.
There are volumes of information on Jere Wright Annis II, MD (aka Grandpa and Daddy) and those are being reviewed now with the hope of a good summary in the future.
At the end of this publication, there is a section on the Annis Family Association and explanations of how this information can be updated in the future. When time permits, the information can be expanded to include Notable Annis Family Members, Lawyers, Annis Sports and Annis Women."

History of the Annis Family Crest

Image: Annis Coat


"This is evidence that an Annis at one time in the distant past was given a grant to bear arms, which placed him as a member of the squire class, or better, and showed the world that he was a free man. It is a very old grant.”- Burke's General Armory
"GULES" of red, denotes military fortitude and magnanimity.
"MULLET" is a star of five points and denotes some divine quality bestowed from above, whereby men shine in virtue, learning work and piety, like stars on the earth.
"ARGENT" white or silver, signifies peace and sincerity.
"CHIEF" which occupies the whole of the top and one third of the total surface area of the shield of arms, signifies dominion and authority and has often been granted as a special reward for prudence and wisdom, as well as successful command in war.
"MASCLE OR" which is a hollow diamond of gold or yellow and denotes generosity and elevation of mind. There is no motto associated with the crest or coat of arms.

History of the Annis Name

The true origins and meaning of the surname Annis may never be fully uncovered from the dimness of antiquity. The surname Annis may be found in many different cultures and nations including, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, and Italy. In all likelihood it stems from the ancient Greek ‘Agnes’ meaning 'pure' or 'holy'.
The earliest surviving English records of the name Annis, and its subsequent changes and derivations, are found in the midland shires of Nottingham, Worchester, Leicester, and Huntingdon during the 11th century A.D. The Annis families residing there at that time held both large and small estates, and are recorded in the two large volumes of the Domesday Book.
There is ample evidence that these Annis families in England were of Saxon origin, and that many of them lost their lands and titles upon the Norman invasion of England.

A sample page from the Domesday Books

Image: Domeday

Tracing the Lineage

“When he set sail for the New World, leaving faded, broken dreams, and an uncertain future behind him, we can imagine his fear and anticipation as he held on to the ship's rail and watched the land disappear on the eastern horizon. Cormac knew that he also held onto a new future and opportunity in a wider and more promising land. He did not leave his home in Ireland and travel to this land seeking an easy berth. He came with the full knowledge that to establish himself and raise up a new family would mean only unrelenting toil and severe hardship. This is the story of his success in establishing his family in North America. It is also the story of the many other early Annis pioneers and their legacy.”

Ship type: Mary and John made several trips to Massachusetts Bay Colony

Image: Domeday

This lineage follows the patrilineal tradition of tracing the lineage through the father. This is the dominant tradition in most modern societies. Matrilineal lineage, or tracing descent through the mother is more typical in traditional societies (such as Native Americans), although the modern-day Basques in Spain and France are also matrilineal.
Further, in the patrilineal tradition, while a man may have many sons and daughters, the direct line of descent is when there are male descendants in each generation, in order to have a continuity of the family name. If a man has more than one son, then typically it’s through the eldest son.
However, it may be that the eldest son has no male heir, in which case the lineage follows from the second son and so forth. If at any time in this progression there are no male heirs, then that lineage comes to an end.
Fortunately, in each generation proceeding from Cormac Annis, there has been at least one male heir to carry the family name. Thus there is an unbroken line of descent for 375 years, from Cormac to Austin.

The Lineage Thus Far

1. Cormac Annis 1638 - Enniskillen, Ireland 1717 - Newbury, Massachusetts
2. Abraham Annis 1668 - Newbury, Massachusetts 1737 - Haverhill, Massachusetts
3 Daniel Annis 1711 - Newbury, Massachusetts 1780 - Warner, New Hampshire
4. David Annis 1753 - Rumford (Concord) New Hampshire 1824 - Bath, New Hampshire
5. Nathaniel Flood Annis 1788 - Hopkinton, New Hampshire 1877 - McIndoes Falls, Vermont
6. Abiathar Wright Annis 1813 - Ryegate, Vermont 1876 - Westfield, Vermont
7. Jere Wright Annis 1844 - Westfield, Vermont 1921 - Osage, Iowa
8. Homer Burnham Annis 1882 - Osage, Iowa 1954 - Bluffton, Indiana
9. Jere Wright Annis II 1909 - Minneapolis, Minnesota 1989 - Lakeland, Florida
10. Michael David Annis 1942 - Jacksonville, Florida
11. Jeffrey Stuart Annis 1975 - Tampa, Florida
12. Austin Jeffrey Annis 2013 - Tampa, Florida

Charles (Cormac) Annis


Enniskillen Castle

First Generation:
Charles (Cormac) Annis was born 1638 in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ulster Province, Ireland. In 1664 he set sail for the New World and died December 19, 1717 in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. Charles is often referred to in the early records of Essex County as "Curmac", "Curmack" or "Cormac". It has been recorded, without documentation, that he was the son of an English soldier stationed at the fortress city of Enniskillen. The fact that he went by both Charles and Cormac (the name of an ancient Celtic king) may lead to the deduction that his mother was native Irish.

It has been established with certainty that Cormac was considered an Irishman by his fellow citizens of Newbury, Massachusetts. He was not a "freeman" when he arrived at Newbury. The record of to whom he was indentured has not been discovered, but in 1678 he took the Oath of Allegiance and was made a Freeman named Cormac Annis (along with several other Irish settlers), and was among the first to introduce potatoes as a viable food crop in Massachusetts.

Cormac is recorded as a "Planter" and from evidence of his many land holdings and homesteads at the time of his death, he was a very successful one as well (e.g., he appears on the 1688 tax roles with the following holdings: "3 heads of household, 1 house, 5 acres plow land, 3 horses, 5 cows 20 sheep and 3 hogs").

He married Sarah Chase on May 15, 1666 in Newbury, Massachusetts. She was the eldest daughter of Aquila Chase and Ann Wheeler and was born on July 6, 1647 in Newbury. They had eight known children, including Abraham.

More about Cormac Annis including the Last Will and Testament

Abraham Annis


Queen Anne's Chapel
Newbury, Massachusetts

Image: Domeday

Second Generation:
Abraham Annis was born August 18, 1668 at Newbury, Massachusetts and died in 1737 at Haverhill, Massachusetts (now Salem, New Hampshire). Circa 1692 he married Hannah Badger. They had ten children.

Abraham was a weaver, husbandman and farmer. Abraham also served several periods of military duty during the Queen Ann's War (1708-1709), and is on the muster rolls of Captain Thomas Noyes in 1688. It is also recorded that he was paid 18 shillings by Lieutenant Caleb Moody for services during a scouting expedition to Haverhill, Massachusetts from August 18-31, 1708. An account is recorded in the Vermont Historical Gazetteer (Volume 4).

Abraham’s link to the church can be found in the record that states that on May 13, 1718 Abraham and several others were granted liberty to use the Flats near Hall's (or Holt's) Rock for fishing, on condition that one salmon per year be given to Rev. Christopher Toppan and Rev. John Tufts, the pastors of the First and Second churches. Hall's (or Holt's) Rock is now East Haverhill, Massachusetts on the Merrimack River.

Abraham spent all but the last year of his life at Newbury. In 1736 he purchased a farm of 100 acres at Haverhill, Massachusetts (now Salem, New Hampshire). This move was no doubt prompted by his son Abraham, who had moved there some years previous. His other surviving son was Daniel.

Daniel Annis


Third Generation:
Daniel Annis was born December 1, 1711 at Newbury, Massachusetts, the son of Abraham and Hannah (Badger) Annis. He died in Warner, New Hampshire in 1790. He was married on August 1, 1732 to Catherine Thomas at Newbury (although family tradition holds that her name was originally Keren Huppuck Thomas, and that her name was probably anglicized from the Welsh). Their first two children died during a "throat distemper" epidemic (1735-1737), after which they removed to Bradford, Massachusetts. Daniel stayed at Bradford until 1745, at which time he sold his land and removed to the east side of the Merrimack River at Rumford (now Concord), New Hampshire near the site of the present Railroad Station. His son David was born there.

In 1746 he was assigned "to the garrison near Capt. Ebenezer Eastman's" with others. On January 2, 1748, while residing at the fort on the Merrimack River at Concord, Daniel signed a petition that was addressed to Governor Benning Wentworth of Massachusetts requesting soldiers and arms for protection against depredation by hostile Indians. In 1757 he removed to Hopkinton, New Hampshire where he remained until 1762.

In the spring of 1762 Daniel Annis, and Reuben Kimball, his son-in-law, settled in Warner. They came from Hopkinton and Daniel Annis had not been in Hopkinton more than 5 or 6 years when he came to Warner.

Daniel's house was in Dimond's Corner District, on the north side of the highway, a little west of the Paine Davis buildings. Reuben Kimball at first lived near by, on the south side of the highway, some twenty rods from where it now runs. Daniel Floyd (or Flood), afterwards known as Captain Floyd, lived on what is now Denny Hill.
Annis, Kimball and Floyd all came in under the Rye proprietors and had probably lived in the neighborhood of Rye. Hannah, daughter of Daniel Annis and wife of Reuben Kimball also came into Warner in 1762. She was the first English female who ever lived here, and her son Daniel Kimball, born October, 1762, was the first English child born in town. During August 1775 Capt. Daniel Floyd and Daniel Annis, Sr., were chosen as a Committee of Safety and met at the meetinghouse situated then at the parade ground at Warner, NH. Revolutionary War Public Service was furnished as Daniel Annis was a Selectman and Committee of Safety member.

There are several interesting accounts of the pioneer life for the Daniel Annis family at Warner in the writings of Dr. Moses Long's Historical Sketches of the Town of Warner, New Hampshire. You may read it at the link below.

Historical Sketches of the Town of Warner, New Hampshire, by Dr. Moses Long

Daniel Annis' House at
Warner, New Hampshire (1994)

Image: Domeday

David Annis


"The Narrows" at West Bath, New Hampshire

Image: Domeday

Fourth Generation:
David Annis was born circa 1753 at Rumford (now Concord), New Hampshire. He died August 18, 1824 near Bath, New Hampshire. Circa 1776 he married Elizabeth Hunt at Hopkinton, New Hampshire, and had four children including Nathaniel. Circa 1785 he married Lois Hunt (Elizabeth’s cousin) at Warner, New Hampshire, and had eight children.

David moved to Chelsea, Vermont before 1790, where he resided until about 1810, at which time he located near Bath, New Hampshire. On October 11, 1800 he purchased about 100 acres of adjoining land at his existing farm at Bath from Benjamin Smith. He also purchased an additional tract of common land in Bath from Asa Porter on July 14, 1814. David continued to purchase several tracts of land at Bath in 1814, 1817, and 1819.

Residence during Federal Census
1790 - Hopkinton, Hillsborough, New Hampshire
1800 - Bath, Grafton, New Hampshire
1810 - Bath, Grafton, New Hampshire
1820 - Bath, Grafton, New Hampshire

He was buried in a graveyard near the "Narrows" at West Bath, New Hampshire, which was later turned into a quarry for the purpose of manufacturing bricks, and the headstones were scattered. David's farm was reportedly located at a point just below the cemetery. A rather extensive and informative genealogy on the descendants of David was written by Dr. John McNab Currier entitled, David Annis of Hopkinton and Bath New Hampshire.

Genealogy of David Annis of Hopkinton and Bath, New Hampshire, His Ancestors And Descendants

Nathaniel Flood Annis Sr.


Grave of Nathaniel F. Annis Sr.

Image: NFAnnis

Fifth Generation:
Nathaniel Flood Annis was born October 3, 1788 at Hopkinton, New Hampshire. He resided in Haverhill, Grafton County, New Hampshire, and Barnet, Caledonia County Vermont and was a farmer. According to his death certificate (P247) he died of "old age" at the age of 88 on March 8, 1877 at McIndoe Falls, Vermont.

In 1811 he married Mehitable Hunt (1788-1879) at Ryegate, Vermont and they had eight children. Their son Abiathar Wright Annis was born in Ryegate. Mehitable Hunt was the daughter of Joshua and Elizabeth (Whittlesey) Hunt of Ryegate, Vermont.

Residence during Federal Census
1830 - Haverhill, Grafton, New Hampshire
1840 - Bath, Grafton, New Hampshire
1850 - Haverhill, Grafton, New Hampshire - September 17
1860 - Barnet, Caledonia, Vermont - July 11
1870 - Barnet, Caledonia, Vermont - July 15

Nathaniel and his wife are buried at McIndoe Falls Cemetery, Barnet, Vermont.
McIndoe Falls is an unincorporated community within the town of Barnet, Vermont. It is located in the southeastern corner of Barnet, along the Connecticut River, the state boundary with New Hampshire. A dam on the Connecticut River at the village forms the McIndoes Reservoir, which extends upstream to the village of Barnet.

Genealogy of David Annis of Hopkinton and Bath, New Hampshire, His Ancestors And Descendants

Dr. Abiathar Wright Annis


Grave of Abiathar Wright Annis

Image: AWAnnis

Sixth Generation:
Abiathar Wright Annis (known as Wright Annis) was born in Ryegate, Vermont on December 3, 1813. He graduated from Vermont Medical College and practiced in Woodstock, Vermont. In 1840 he moved to Westfield, Vermont where he lived most of his life. He spent a few months at different times in Osage, Iowa but always returned to New England where he died on January 13, 1876. He is buried at Westfield Association Cemetery.

Residence during Federal Census
1850 - Westfield, Orleans, Vermont - September 10
1860 - Westfield, Orleans, Vermont - June 13

His interest centered entirely on the practice of medicine and surgery and he was a physician of the old school, holding to the highest standards of professional ethics.

He married Laura Hodgkins, daughter of Jere and Farosina (Holden) Hodgkins on November 22, 1842. Laura was born in Westfield, Vermont on February 20, 1824 and she died at the early age of 43 from "consumption" (Tuberculosis) in Westfield on June 18, 1867. She is buried in Westfield Cemetery.

Abiathar had five children with Laura including Mrs. Laura Rosina (Annis) Eaton of Osage, Iowa; Mrs. Hattie Mehitable (Annis) True of Los Angeles, California; two who died in infancy, (Nathaniel 1846 and Abiathar 1847) and; Jere W. Annis I. He then married Lydia Clark (1851-1823) in Westfield on June 3, 1869 and had one child, Cecil Abiathar Annis, born January 16, 1876.

Jere Wright Annis I


Jere Wright Annis I

Image: AWAnnis

Seventh Generation:
Jere Wright Annis was born on January 22, 1844 at Westfield, Vermont. He received his education at the district schools of Westfield, Vermont, and Westfield Academy. In 1865, Jere became one of the pioneer settlers in Osage, Iowa, settling there with his wife, Lucia. When he arrived he had $150.00 in his pocket. He became one of the early merchants of Osage through the establishment of a general store on Seventh and Main streets in a partnership with E. O. Hitchcock. This was successfully conducted until 1868, when he formed a partnership with Judge Hitchcock and J. H. Johnson and conducted a large hardware business under the name Johnson and Annis. This was continued until 1885 when he received an appointment as assistant cashier of the Osage National Bank. This was followed in 1891 by his promotion to cashier, and directorship of the bank.

Residence during Federal Census
1850 - Westfield, Orleans, Vermont - September 10
1860 - Westfield, Orleans, Vermont - June 13
1870 - Osage, Iowa - June 7
1880 - Osage, Iowa - June 1
1900 - Osage, Iowa - June 9
1910 - Los Angeles, California - May 9
1920 - Osage, Iowa - January 14

Certificate of deposit
Signed and countersigned by J.W. Annis and H.B. Annis
Dated January 15, 1901

Image: BNote

Certificate of deposit
Osage State Bank

Image: Bank Note

Politically, he was affiliated with the Republican Party, and was elected Mayor of Osage in 1881 and 1893. He was President of the Board of Trade, President of the Mitchell County Farmer's Mutual Insurance Company and Agricultural Society, a member of the Osage Lodge #102, F. & A. M., and Eminent Commander of Coeur de Leon Commandery, #19.

Mr. Annis was united in marriage November 24, 1864, in Westfield, Vermont to Lucia S. Hitchcock, daughter of Hiram and Harriet Hitchcock. Four children blessed this union, Franklin Wright Annis (1865-1934); Fanny Annis (1868-1869); Laura Lucia Annis (1874-1966) and Homer Burnham Annis born in 1882.
Jere died in Osage, Iowa on February 17, 1921 and is buried at Osage Cemetery.

Osage State Bank

Image: Bank Note

Dr. Homer Burnham Annis


Homer B. Annis

Image: HBAnnis

Eighth Generation:
Homer B. Annis was born August 8, 1882 at Osage, Iowa, the son of Jere Wright and Lucia Sylvia (Hitchcock) Annis of Westfield, Vermont and Osage, Iowa. He was the brother of Franklin Wright Annis (1865–1934), Fanny Annis (1868–1869), and Laura Annis McCabe (1874-1966). He was married to Katherine Amanda Bill (1883–1976) in Madelia, Minnesota. Their son was Dr. Jere Wright Annis II.

Homer graduated from Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa, and received his medical degree from Rush Medical College at Chicago, Illinois. He interned at St. Barnabas Hospital for one year, and practiced at Minneapolis, Minnesota beginning in 1908. He became a very distinguished doctor and was instrumental in the founding of the Shriners Crippled Children's Hospital at Minneapolis.

In 1943, Homer moved to Bluffton, Indiana where he practiced at the Caylor-Nickel Clinic. He died there from a result of a Coronary Occlusion on November 1, 1954 (the day he fully retired), and is buried in Osage cemetery in Osage, Iowa. He had been planning to move into his new home in Lakeland, Florida where his son lived.

Residence during Federal Census
1910 - Minneapolis, Minnesota - April 29
1920 - Minneapolis, Minnesota - January 9
1930 - Minneapolis, Minnesota - April 3
1940 - Minneapolis, Minnesota - Not enumerated

There is an interesting story that was published in The Press-News of Osage, Iowa on April 4, 1968. As a young boy of seventeen he had stuffed a church bulletin in a pew at the church his family attended with the following message: "This bulletin was placed in here by Homer B. Annis on January 14, 1900 (Sunday morning)". In 1968, when the church was being renovated, and the old pews were being dismantled, the bulletin was discovered. 

Dr. Jere Wright Annis II


Jere W. Annis II

Image: HBAnnis

Ninth Generation:
Dr. Jere Wright Annis II was born April 30, 1909 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the son of Dr. Homer Burnham Annis and Katherine Amanda (Bill) Annis. Jere married Margaret Edwina Tinkham in December 1931 and they had four children: Jere Wright III, born 1935; Mary Elizabeth, born 1939; Michael David, born 1942; and Kathryn Louise (Kay), born 1949.
Jere had an extensive education which included attending Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts; Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire; and graduation from Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa. He obtained his MD from the University of Minnesota Medical School followed by an internship at Minneapolis General Hospital and a Fellowship in Internal Medicine at the Mayo Foundation for Education and Research in Rochester, Minnesota.

Jere W. Annis II

Image: HBAnnis

Residence during Federal Census
1910 - Minneapolis, Minnesota - April 29
1920 - Minneapolis, Minnesota - January 9
1930 - Minneapolis, Minnesota - April 3
1940 - Lakeland, Florida - April 1

In 1938, Dr. Annis joined the Watson Clinic in Lakeland, Florida with the specialty of Internal Medicine. He practiced medicine there until 1983 and served has Managing Partner from 1954 -1975. Dr. Annis was instrumental in the Watson Clinic receiving accreditation by the American Association of Medical Clinics in 1969.
During World War II, he served in the Medical Corps of the United States Army from 1941 to 1946 and was discharged as a Lieutenant Colonel.
Dr. Annis served as Vice-chairman of the American Medical Association Board of Trustees, 1975-1977; President of Florida Medical Association, 1958-1959; President of Florida Heart Association, 1952-1953; and President Polk County Medical Association in 1953. In 1974, he was awarded Distinguished Internist of the Year by the American Society of Internal Medicine. His patients always came first and he made house-calls throughout his entire practice. As a community leader, Dr. Annis served as President of the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce, United Way, and Rotary. Dr. Annis had many hobbies including the collection of coins, antique handguns, and over 6000 books; photography; and woodworking. In 1960 he had published, in collaboration with Mary Ann Ballard, the short novel entitled "And These Shall See".
He enjoyed world travel and time at home with his English Bulldogs, Boxers, and extended family.
He is buried at All Saints Episcopal Church Columbarium, Lakeland, Florida.

Michael David Annis


Michael D. Annis

Image: MDAnnis

Tenth Generation:
Michael David Annis was born April 21, 1942 in Jacksonville, Florida during World War II. He was the son of Jere Wright Annis II and Margaret Tinkham Annis. He was raised in Lakeland, Florida along with his brother Jere and sisters Mary and Kathryn.

Michael (Mike) graduated from Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa and matriculated to Florida State University, where he obtained a Master’s in Accounting and became a CPA. Thereafter, he obtained a Juris Doctorate in Law from the University of Florida. In 1970, he received a Master of Laws in Taxation (LLM) from the New York University Law School.

He and his wife, June Elaine Sutton, moved to Tampa, Florida where he practiced tax law and corporate law for over 50 years. Mike and June have three children, Natalie Christina Annis (Goodwin), Jeffrey Stuart Annis, and Caroline Elizabeth Annis (Almon). All three children returned to Tampa to live and raise their families after obtaining their education.
Mike is an avid reader and enjoys golf, travel and time with his wife, children and grandchildren.

Jeffrey "Jay" Stuart Annis


Jay Annis

Image: JSAnnis

Eleventh Generation:
Jeffrey “Jay” S. Annis was born October 18, 1975 in Tampa, Florida. He is the son of Michael David Annis of Lakeland, Florida and June Sutton Annis of Tifton, Georgia. Jay is the brother of Natalie Annis Goodwin (born 1972) and Caroline Annis Almon (born 1980). Jay is married to Erin Nicole Cook Annis (born 1979). Jay and Erin have three children - Alexis McMillan Annis (born 2012), Austin Jeffrey Annis (born 2013) and Adelle Marie Annis (born 2016).

Jay graduated from the University of Florida where he received his degree in economics from the Warrington College of Business. Jay co-founded AGW Capital Advisors in 2009 after years of providing investment advisory services to organizations and families in and around Tampa Bay. Prior to forming AGW, Jay worked with two other investment organizations where he served as a portfolio analyst and securities trader.

Jay enjoys spending time with his wife, their three children, and his extended family. Jay enjoys travelling and holds dear many childhood memories of family trips to various parts of world, mostly to parts of Europe. Jay is also an avid sports fan and recalls attending his first professional baseball game in Lakeland, Florida at the Detroit Tiger’s spring training stadium with father Michael David and Uncle Jere W. Annis, III. As a child, Jay spent countless hours with his grandfather, Jere W. Annis II, studying his various collections, including antique handguns, coins and books.

Austin Jeffrey Annis


Twelfth Generation:
375 years after Cormac Annis was born, the 12th generation of Annis men came into the world the person of Austin Jeffrey Annis. As the only son of Jeffrey Stuart Annis, the future of nearly four centuries of Annis family history in this lineage now rest on these small shoulders.

Caroline Elizabeth Annis Almon


Caroline Annis Almon

Image: CAnnis

Eleventh Generation:
Caroline Elizabeth Annis was born September 20, 1980 in Tampa, Florida, the daughter of Michael David and June (Sutton) Annis. Caroline attended St. Mary's Episcopal Day School, H.B. Plant High School and Stanford University. Caroline is an accomplished runner in track, cross country and marathons. At Plant High School, Caroline was a four-time Florida class 5A cross country state champion, a 1996 and 1997 Footlocker cross country finalist, and a two-time Florida state 1600m champion and a three-time Florida state 3200m champion in track. Running highlights from Stanford University include placing 40th and achieving NCAA All-American status at the 1998 NCAA Cross Country championships; producing Top 10 finishes at the Pac-10 Track and Field Championships in 1999, 2000 and 2002; being Cross Country Team Captain in her senior year; and participating in the NCAA 10,000m track championships in 2002. Additionally, in 1999, Caroline represented the United States at the World Junior Cross Country Championships in Belfast, North Ireland. After college, Caroline participated in the Women’s US Olympic Marathon Trials in 2004 and 2008. Additionally, in 2005, Caroline finished as the 13th overall female and 2nd American female in the Boston Marathon.

Caroline Annis Almon

Image: CAnnis

Caroline graduated from Stanford with a B.A. in Human Biology and a M.S. in Epidemiology in 2003. During her senior year at Stanford, she received an NCAA post-graduate scholarship, given to a select group of NCAA student-athletes to pursue post-graduate studies. She is currently the Senior Director of Clinical Science at Foghorn Therapeutics Inc., headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 2008, Caroline married Eric S. Almon and they have three children: Hadley Jewell, born 2012; Blake William, born 2013; and June Margaret, born 2018.

The Annis Family Association and Updates to the Information

The Annis Family Association, a non-profit organization, has been established for the purpose of research and preservation of records of the Annis Family surname, and for enhanced communication and reunion between the many descendants of various early Annis emigrants in the United States of America and the Dominion of Canada. The preservation of existing records, letters, diaries, photographs, and written genealogies concerning the Annis Family is deemed necessary for the continued complete and accurate history of the surname. The Annis Family Association compiles, verifies, and assembles all manner of records, diaries, genealogies, and memorabilia concerning Annis Family members, past and present.

The biographies of the adults will be submitted to the Association website. (Minors such as Austin will not be submitted). In the future, the family may want to make additions to the information and add in other men and women.

For example, the website has other categories than the lineage.
Other categories include Notable Annis Family Members, Pioneers, Physicians, Lawyers, Businessmen, Educators, Annis in Sports and Annis Women. In fact, while researching this paper, it was noted that someone else had already provided an extensive biography on Caroline in the Annis in Sports section. Caroline’s biography is included above and has been updated. As time permits, the family may want to add Jere W. Annis III, Mary, Kathryn, Natalie, Laura and the other grandchildren and great grandchildren when adults.

The current Association contact information in as follows:

Michael James Annis - Founder and manager of the web site.
13063 5th Street #40
Yucaipa, California 92399

You can find three FaceBook pages dedicated to the Annis family in the drop down meu below.

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Image: Annis Coat

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