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Home Made Forge, Home Made Bender.
These pages still under construkshon

Forge kits I can do up from $??.00 to $400.00 AU
My Home Made Forge was assembled from a fan out of a mazda (from the scrap yard) and the bottom bowl bit cut from a steel cylinder inner hot water system (also from the scrap yard). The tuyere is 55mm (2 1/4") water pipe.
As the cylinder has two ends, I made two and gave one to a friend. I have two large Buffalo forges and find the old one I made to be the most usefull. One of the reasons I gave all this stuff a go was probly cos of a friend. Our masked hero will remain anono...anona...un-named.

Forges vary for use. Charcoal Burning Forges need not be as deep as coal or coke burning forges. I found coal while very cheap, also very... waste leaving. The clinkers and chunks left from a weeks full on forging from Home I found too much waste to get rid of in the bin, and if I had started a Mt Everest pile, I'd have been hunted down, cornered, and gutted like a pig by the Missus. (Hense the Table!). I use charcoal and dig whats left into the garden.

If you are thinking of using treated wood to make the charcoal, DON'T!
And whatch the charcoal when burning, if it has moisture in it you will need to wear safety glasses....the release is fairly dynamic..(pop, crackle and etc)

If you are going to get into knives I suggest the longer grate forges, and when I get the pictures out of the camera you will see one or till then look around on the net for a couple of ideas.

There is no magic or voodoo in a forge (it's in the people that use them). They are simple to make even in the varied designs. It seems in some things, the further we advance and become dependant on the new technology, the harder and more expensive things become because of forgotten methods, skills and simple tools.
I made the forge to be able to bend some rod to make a candle holder because oxy was too expensive, How was I to know that, that doesn't even scratch the surface of what a skilled individual can do on a forge. If the forge is running I do some of my plate and all bar and flat cutting and bending with heat and hammer. I cut almost perfect shaped 10mm by 20mm rounded end slots in 10mm plate, to a 10mm hexagonal hole punched through 40mm solid bar that has a sharp cornered 45 degree bends. Do that with your lathe, or any other machine that cost about $9.00 AU to build.
To build my forge, it cost me some petrol, 4 welding rods, and some silicone.

Another handy item is the Home made bender..built entirely from scrap. You can make one of these with a minimum of tools and any size to suit yourself. I built mine to suit the Hossfeld specs so if any dies turn up they can be used. So far I have made all my own jigs to suit the bender..( with the aid of the forge).

One of the cupping dies I've made for the bender. I got sick of hammering out these
candle cups.

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