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Have Fun With Your Project !

I read an article on a restoration site and if the author turns out to be correct, then this project is doomed to certain failure! Remember, IT IS YOUR PROJECT !

I keep a log of what I do because sometimes, at the end of the day, it doesn't look like I've made much progress. If you write down what you do, you can clearly see the progress.


Sandblaster-r.jpg (110291 bytes)1stBlast.jpg (82215 bytes)MeBlasting.jpg (69401 bytes) SandedRight.jpg (89531 bytes)

     Sand Blaster                 1st Project            Me with the Hood on      Right Side sanded


rightrearSanded_r.jpg (77523 bytes)rightSanded_r.jpg (81197 bytes)BedPrimed_r.jpg (59730 bytes)rearSanded_r.jpg (78937 bytes)

Body work is a real slow task. I sure am glad there was no rust and only minor paint chips to fix.  The pictures below were taken on 8-24-2004.  The surface in the picture on the left looks really bad, but it is actually glass smooth to the touch.  Far right is the "after primer shot".

8-24-04-r.jpg (52985 bytes)8-24-rear-r.jpg (55617 bytes)top-r.jpg (61002 bytes)Left_Primed-r.jpg (67539 bytes)




8-25-2004 Today I started on the top of the cab. I took that huge revolving light off and the 4X6 inch brass patch that someone had pop-riveted on to cover the holes for the original siren-light.  A couple of my friends say I should keep the revolving light, but I think a light bar will look great. Their argument is that it won't be original. Here is a picture of the original light-siren. Even if I was able to talk the Fire Department out of it, there is no way I would want it on there. You can bet that when Santa is riding on this truck tossing out candy, no child is going to say "Hey! That is not the original light on that truck".

8-26-2004  Today I sanded and primed the passenger door and sanded and spot primed the top.

8-27-2004  Another day of sanding. I cut the old ladder rack off.  It is the metal thing behind the antenna and right of the hose reel. I also took the hose off, and removed the old board floor under the hose reel. All the boards are dry rotted and will be replaced. I was able to save them for a pattern.  I pressure washed the entire area behind the back glass.

wood-r.jpg (54743 bytes)wood1-r.jpg (54688 bytes)under_Reel-L-r.jpg (78951 bytes)Under_Reel_R-r.jpg (63661 bytes)

8-28-2004 It sure was hot in that hole under the hose reel. I wire brushed all of the surface rust and started sanding out the scratches and chips. The hole is just an area between the cab and tank. Mostly wasted space. I started removing the paint from the pump and front bumper.

strippingPump-r.jpg (77507 bytes)lightBar-r.jpg (73894 bytes)

Just for kicks, I set the light bar on.



8-29-2004  Today we got a visit from tropical storm Gaston, 3.5 inches of rain and a lot of limbs down. I was trapped in the house all day.

8-30-2004  The sun came out and I finished cleaning the pump and sanded the front bumper. The  bumper is made of some sort of anodized metal all I had to do was wire brush it down to the original finish. I gave it a light sanding and painted it. A washing with the 3000 PSI pressure washer took care of the old paint on the pump. There was no need to sand it, so I painted it too. Some of the masking tape is still on it in this picture.

pump_cleaned1-r.JPG (270792 bytes)pump_painted-r.jpg (66708 bytes)pump_cleaned2-r.jpg (81287 bytes)pump_bumper_painted-r.jpg (71527 bytes)




9-02-2004  I sanded a wheel and painted it. I tried black, but it just did not look right. Maybe I will paint the center black as well as the lug nuts. The pump deck got a final coat of silver. I am also thinking of doing the front bumper black, the white just don't work.

wheel-r.jpg (72201 bytes)PumpDeck-r.jpg (79533 bytes)


9-04-2004  Took most of the day to sand and prime the grill I also finished priming one of the hose racks and the box that holds the front gauge panel.

9-05-2004  My friend Clint painted the grill and some small parts today. Clint can really handle a spray gun! As you can see, the painting conditions are way less than ideal, but the stuff he sprayed came out flawless. I decided to keep the grill red. The front bumper was also painted back red.

curt-1-r.jpg (85491 bytes)curt-2-r.jpg (99337 bytes)curt-3-r.jpg (82622 bytes)

9-08-2004  We had a lot of rain off Hurricane Frances there was no way to work in that downpour. I started on the underside of the hood today. This was my first try at painting and it came out really great!  Here is a shot of the grill area and front bumper that Clint painted Sunday.

bumper_grill_painted-r.jpg (69907 bytes)underside_Hood-r.jpg (70793 bytes)

9-09-2004  I got to put some stuff back on today, the grill and pump area are finished!

front-done-r.jpg (107056 bytes)front_done-2-r.jpg (100172 bytes)Front_done-L-r.jpg (88490 bytes)Front_done-R-r.jpg (96868 bytes)

9-10-2004  Today I worked on the hood. It took me all day to get it sanded and primed.

HoodPrimed-r.jpg (92208 bytes)

9-13-2004  No pictures today, but I sanded and primed the drivers door and front fender. That leaves only one fender to go. I hope to finish that tomorrow.

9-14-2004  I'm ready for paint! Well, almost, the morning of the paint will be a scuff sanding of all the primer, and taping everything off. It will probably be after the 1st of the month as funds are depleted this month.

9-15-2004  Just worked a half a day today, painted a few small parts and will start on the engine compartment tomorrow. Hope the rain holds off.

9-17-2004  Today was a day when I really worked hard and just did not have much to show for it. Here is the pictures. I pulled the Valve covers, cleaned and painted them. The two engine pictures are just to show how clean the engine is on the inside. That valve cover looked like that when I pulled it off.

valvecover.jpg (72334 bytes) engcopm-r.jpg (75140 bytes) rockerarms-r.jpg (66833 bytes)

9-18-2004  I finished cleaning up the engine compartment today.

EngPainted3-r.jpg (80785 bytes)P9-18-2004.jpg (93505 bytes)EngPainted2-r.jpg (83386 bytes)

9-19-2004  Today I painted the hood. It turned out terrible. I filled 3 holes in the front and where I used Bondo stuck out like a sore thumb. The bad part is, I knew it wasn't right. I'll study the video tonight and start over tomorrow.

HoodMess.jpg (72343 bytes)


9-21-2004  I ordered a bunch of parts today. Also fixed a spot on the door that I wasn't satisfied with.

9-22-2004  Today I painted the fire extinguisher holder, left front wheel, and left running board. I really like the Maltese Cross that is cast into the holder. I also picked up the paint kits. This truck came without a heater, I mentioned that to a Lady in Colorado that I chat with in our Veterans Room. She found a complete heater assembly in a local salvage yard and mailed it to me. The picture on the right is the under hood portion of the heater after I cleaned and painted it.


extinguisher_rack-r.jpg (113270 bytes)left_wheel-r.jpg (83833 bytes) heater_assy-r.jpg (111634 bytes)

9-24-2004  I finished the running boards, the last wheel and the mirror brackets today.

Rwheels-r.jpg (87800 bytes) Rwheels-boards-r.jpg (84431 bytes)wheel-painted-r.jpg (86961 bytes)rearDeck-r.jpg (64772 bytes)

9-25-2004  Today I painted under the Hose Reel and the back of the cab. I decided to remove the Hose Reel and do it off the body. That left a lot more room to work and only took about 10 minutes to remove. Should make a nicer job.

ReelOff-r.jpg (85467 bytes)Under_ReelPainted_R.JPG (36606 bytes)CabBack-r.jpg (46376 bytes)reel-painted2-r.jpg (90851 bytes)




9-26-2004  I finished the hose reel today picture is above right.

10-01-2004  Finished the Hose Bed (top of the tank) today. I'll try to get inside those back doors done tomorrow.

HoseBed_Painted-1-r.jpg (42475 bytes)HoseBed_Painted-2-r.jpg (41705 bytes) BackDoorsOpon-r.jpg (54105 bytes)

10-2-2004  Today I spent all day doing the final sanding, Tomorrow the paint goes on ! I started this project July the 10th. Hope to have some good pictures tomorrow.

10-03-2004  You will not believe what happened.  The last gallon of paint was several shades darker.  From the cab back will have to be repainted.  I was not a happy camper.  I'll let you know what the paint store says tomorrow.

painted1-r.jpg (46943 bytes)painted2-r.jpg (44327 bytes)painted3-r.jpg (51026 bytes)painted4-r.jpg (43786 bytes)

10-6-2004  The paint company gave me two more gallons of paint without any hassle. I'm going to try to re-paint Friday. Today I bolted the new heater assembly under the hood. Also did the update on the headlight switch so the parking lights will stay on with the headlights.

10-9-2004  Spent the last two days getting ready to paint I had just finished taping it up and the rain started. Oh, well.  

10-10-2004  It is painted and looks great!

painted5-r.jpg (75828 bytes) painted6-r.jpg (91517 bytes)painted7-r.jpg (85551 bytes)painted8-r.jpg (63417 bytes)

10-14-2004  The stuff is back on and here it is.

Done.jpg (97798 bytes)Done2.jpg (84185 bytes)Done3.jpg (99681 bytes)Done4.jpg (78048 bytes)

Done5.jpg (98477 bytes)done6.jpg (90753 bytes)

10-16-2004  Today I decided to open up the seat covers  I got from LMC Truck. I installed the seat covers per instructions. Here are the pictures of how they turned out. As you can see the seams are straight and they are tight. The bottom cover was a perfect fit. The top was not. I did not trim the edge on the bottom until I see if it needed stretched again. 

SeatCovers2.JPG (52960 bytes)SeatCovers.JPG (66130 bytes)SeatCovers3.JPG (71930 bytes)

   10-18-2004  Had the truck lettered today and a muffler put on. When I had the muffler put on it was so quiet I could hear the rest of the exhaust leaks.

lettered-door.jpg (53762 bytes)lettered-back.jpg (69357 bytes)

11-05-2004  I took a few days off and caught up on my fishing and some chores that I had neglected. Yesterday I cut the 1 X 4's for the hose bed and started varnishing them.

11-08-2004  My Friend Allen took these shots.

Dontruck.jpg (90557 bytes)Dontruck1.jpg (648306 bytes)dontruck2.jpg (84671 bytes)dontruck3.jpg (83647 bytes)




11-11-2004  I drove the truck to the muffler shop for a complete dual exhaust system. It was a noisy ride up there with open manifolds. It sounded really great till I pulled off the side of the road and the body flexed. The shop fastened the tail pipes directly to the running boards without using a hanger.

Manifold1.jpg (96914 bytes)Manifold2.jpg (79283 bytes)



11-17-2004  I looked for new Exhaust Manifold today. Found one that looks right on E-Bay but so far no E-mail from seller. Parades will start soon, I may have to get a new one.

11-22-2004  I won the bid on the manifold it should ship soon. I also bid on two more and won them too! Anyone need a manifold?

11-29-2004  The Manifold I bought off E-bay should be here tomorrow. Today I bought a roll of pin striping and put that on. I also had a front plate made, it is gold with 1964 in red letters, it looks real good. I already missed one parade sure hope I make the other two.

12-03-2004  I got he manifold on 11-30  the truck sounds great. I been driving it around.

12-03-04-3.jpg (91990 bytes)12-03-04-1.jpg (95210 bytes)12-03-04-2.jpg (72364 bytes) 12-03-04-4.jpg (91492 bytes)


64chevy.JPG (426460 bytes)after.jpg (107336 bytes)

The Day I got It.                                                            Finished!

12-05-2004  Truck decorated for Holly Hill's Parade

parade4.jpg (80516 bytes)parade5.jpg (95385 bytes)

12-09-2004   Went to the parade in Bowman, SC  tonight WE had a great time! Bowman is a very small town and I think everyone in the County showed up. Unfortunately all of the pictures turned out too dark. I'll try to fix them tomorrow. I was able to lighten them up good enough to see.

Bowman1.jpg (508596 bytes)

12-12-2005  I entered the truck in the Santee Christmas Parade and won the Trophy for Best Truck.

My Son, Donald,  was voted Firefighter of the year later that night.

Santee_Parade.jpg (82108 bytes)BestTruck.jpg (64090 bytes)donald_FFY.jpg (65871 bytes)

18X31 Garage

Garage1.jpg (107236 bytes)garage2.jpg (96731 bytes)garage3.jpg (102692 bytes)