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64_Chevy Fire Truck
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This page is dedicated to refreshing my 1964 Chevrolet Fire Truck.

My name is Don Gwartney. I am a Volunteer Firefighter for Vance Fire Department.

On July 10 2004 this 1964 Chevy Engine was retired from service. It was given to me.   The tank holds 500 gallons of water and the truck is fully functional. 

This is a 1964 Chevrolet C-60. The body was built by Howe Fire Apparatus Company Anderson, Indiana. It has a 500 gallon per minute front mount pump manufactured by Waterous Company of South St. Paul, MN. 

R .T .Easterling  Company Columbia, S.C. was the selling dealer. 


I want to thank Nick Manuel at Federal Siren for his help in restoring this truck

QSiren2.jpg (31971 bytes)

“It’s not a fire truck unless it’s got a Q-siren”



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