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This is how the truck looked when I brought it home.

Left click on picture for full size

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EngineL.jpg (82993 bytes)EngineR.jpg (81155 bytes)Pump.jpg (89295 bytes)LeftDoor.jpg (68048 bytes)

RightDoor.jpg (71280 bytes)

Important observations:

When I got this truck I was really excited and I still am but (there is always a but) I planned to repaint it and cover the torn seat. That sure sounds simple. I admit I got side tracked with the new sandblaster and the sander. I wanted to try out the new tools and in doing so, I got away from my plan. I also learned that there is a huge difference in material prices from different suppliers.

There are a few things I would do different:

Buy sandpaper by the roll or pack, not the sheet. The sand blaster was a waste of money for me, my air compressor was too small to make it operate properly. I found out that a wire brush on a side grinder works great and saves a lot of time.