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AZNA, MOTHER GOD (continued)

  Azna rules other planets as well. But She deals with Earth more than the Other side. She is the miracle worker. She is omnipotent, dealing in the flesh and blood problems of everyday life. Say it, mean it and do it with affirmations every day. Slowly the fears will begin to fall away even those about money and being loved. Keep repeating: "I am resting in your hand, in your heart, O Mother and Father God. Please lead me, direct me, give me peace, show me the way". Be specific when you pray, and also add that you are able to handle any repercussions from what you have asked for. Be sure to ask for peace of mind, health and joy. If you have these then everything else will fall into place because humanity's total trust is to be happy. When you address God, you do not have to go through lengthy prayers, penance or supplications; you do not have to beat your chest. Just simply say, "I am here, God. I know that your are present with me. I love you as I know You love me". God's love will pour through you and give you all the help you need. Always ask specifically for what you need. Say, "Azna, I want or choose to have....." In many ways, you will find that you are more protected now than you have ever been. That does not mean that you do not bump into things, get hurt or have things happen to you. People will still die and things will go on. She is the only one who can create an intercession in your chart. So, if your chart gets too much for you and you have bitten off more than you can chew, She can make that uphill road flatten out. You must ask Her for this intercession. Tell Her, "I cannot take any more. Azna, please eliminate this". This does not in any way hinder your growth. You have the right to pull on the chain when it gets to be too much. We have been taught not to ask for too much; this is not true. You must ask for as much as you can, for as long as you can and for as many things as you can think of! If you don't you will not receive them. Remember to thank Her as She likes to be thanked. She is the one to be petitioned; She expects you to ask for what you would like. So many people have said that after they send out their petitions, they ask for a flower to be delivered to them and many times they have received a flower within a few days from an unknown source or someone they know out of the blue gave them one without knowing of their petition. Azna loves to do this because She is the miracle worker and She has the power to create such things. Even if you don't believe; it doesn't matter to Her. (when you have petitioned Azna keep this information to yourself then you know that when you receive a flower it was Her miracles at work not a well intentioned friend trying to cheer you up).

You do not have to worry about, "Now I am praying emotionally so I am going to pray to Her. Now I am praying intellectually and addressing Him". Just pray and whoever is there will catch it. Do what feels right for you. You can simply address to Mother Father God or Mother God or Father God as they are the same. God is both Mother and Father as God is both male and female. Azna is beautiful, gorgeous. She is tall, willowy, with a radiant face, alabaster skin and large luminescent eyes with dark hair. She can change into any visage. Not just a chosen few are able to see Azna. Anyone could see Her if they really, really want to. I do not just mean that you must believe but actually ask to see Her! On December 8 is Azna's feast day. On feast days, you honour that God. In ancient times people would bring flowers and burn candles on Her feast day, because that does something for both you and Her. Your petitions change many, many things in your life. If you feel that you do not want to do this or you feel it wrong within your heart that is fine. If you don't believe in some of what you have read or in any of it that is fine. It is important that you do what you feel is right for you and I say to you, God Bless. "Believe what you want and leave the rest". For this is the way it must be! For those who would like to know more Azna and to have questions answered I recommend: "Sylvia Browne's book God, Creation, and Tools for Life". I have not provided all the information that is available, just a portion of it. This book provides so much more information than just what I have provided. Lots of questions in a wide range of topics are covered. For me this book was very inspiring. Enjoy! God Bless!

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