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AZNA, MOTHER GOD (continued)


While providing this information I have just about copied it word for word; this is something that I would not normally do nor do I recommend it. However, I didn't want to lose any of Sylvia Browne's information as I feel it to be profound and enlightening. These words that you have read are not mine. They are that of Sylvia Browne's and her Guides; Francine and Raheim. All credit belongs to them not myself. I am just a vehicle to pass along Sylvia's information for the benefit of others. Sylvia's work is profound, enlightening, inspiring and filled with wisdom and knowledge. Take from it what you will.

If you would like further information of Azna; as it becomes available to me or another topic that you are interested in, I will provide you with what I can. I hope to be able to put together a Feast Day to honour Azna.


Azna's Feast Day is on December 8, 2002. This is the day to Bless Mother Azna.

Mother Azna is the most wonderful person to strike a deal with, because She approaches you from loving and expects honour in return. If your heart has honor, if your petition has merit then you will find it will be granted. You will find that the goodness within the petition can come forth. You will be more or less her vehicle toward that goodnes and yet She has plans within plans etc. We cannot emphasize how much She can acutally really do. This is reality. When you think of Mother Azna consider the ultimate of gloriousness, power and righteousness. Today, Defcember 8, 2002 is the day to light candles, asking her favours, giving offerings of lowers and thanking for all that She does.

In honouring Azna on this day we are also honouring God the Father. The intellectual side of us brought us here. The emotional side of us is dedicating this day to Azna.


My Beloved Azna......

Let Your mantle surround us and protect us.

Our Mother, we address You as the miracle worker, the glorious vehicle of intercession and healing support.

We petition You as the Queen and Guardian of the world, bringing Your grace and beneficence into our lives.

We adore and honour You as the companion to our blessed Creator, God the Father. We accept You as the counterpart to our creation and give our hearts and souls to You in service.

We know You can help us fulfill our preordained chart for your own perfection. We also know that we may petition You for our needs and desires. (......state your petition....)

Dear Glorious Mother, Queen of the Universe, our love is endless and our devotion is unwavering. Protect us from the failings of our own egos. Protect us from the negativities of life and the darkness that can surround us.

Let Your light of emotional understanding be a reflective shield against any evil.

If we fail to remember You each day, Dearest Mother, remember us and be waiting for us at the end of our lives so we can behold Your Glorious Counteneance.

In the name of the Mother, Father and Christ Consciousness.


For future updates and information on this event please don't hesitate to contact me.

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