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The links below will give you useful information on everything from funding to program ideas to current youth issues and concerns. Scroll through the page (A - P) (Q - Z) or click a category in Quick Find to look for the information you want. Quick Find buttons are located throughout the page and will return you to this category list. If you have other favorite sites, let me know by E-mail or guest book and I may include them here

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Abuse/Neglect Adolescence Advocacy Child Welfare Directories Emotions & Behavior
Employment & Education Health HIV Resources Homeless NonProfit Management Policy and Legislation
Practice Program Design & Evaluation Program Funding Research/Statistics Sexuality Substance Use and Abuse
Violence Youth Empowerment Youth Rights Youthwork/Internet

Abuse and Neglect

See also Advocacy Child Welfare Policy and Legislation
National Council on Child Abuse and Neglect Clearinghouse Statistics, research and articlesCAWS Prevention of sexual abuse
Child Neglect Definition Document Author: This is an overview of a booklet from the "Portable Guides to Investigating Child Abuse" series, published by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. Reprinted From: Handsnet, 3/97Child Abuse Fact Sheet Facts about abuse and neglect from the National Child Abuse Coalition



See also Advocacy Child Welfare Directories
Great Transitions: Preparing Adolescents for a New Century The final report of the ten year study by the Carnegie Council on Adolescence



See also Abuse/Neglect Child Welfare Policy and Legislation
YouthLink A voice for youth on national policy and priorities Kids Campaigns A cyber community for adults on behalf of kids
Some Advocacy Strategies Compiled from "Ideas for Simple and Not So Simple Advocacy Strategies". Reprinted From: September 1995 issue of the Child Care Law Center's Working for Change journal)


Child Welfare System

See alsoAdvocacy Abuse/Neglect Youth Empowerment Youth Rights
Survivors of the System: Foster Children United A site by two former foster care childrenLifting the Veil: A Critical Look at the Child Welfare, Foster Care and Juvenile Justice Systems Articles and reports detailing problems with the US system
Child Welfare Resource Centre Building links in the world of child welfare



Adolescence Directory On-Line Info on health, mental health, substance use, conflict and violence YouthInfo Information about youth from the USDHHS
NE Hampshire Youth Bureau Over 1,000 links for youth and youthworkersYouth OnLine Links to sites for youth, parents and youthworkers. Created by a Child and Youth Worker
Social Change Center Articles on various aspects of youthwork and links to other resources worldwideNational Youth Center Network Links to resources related to youth service, advocacy, youth and family policy, and education.
The Site A compendium of links for youth and youthworkers, both educational and fun


Emotions and Behavior

See also Health Substance Use and Abuse
Knowledge Exchange Network Site of the Center for Mental Health ServicesInternet Mental Health Resources Links to a wide range of emotional and behavioral topics
National Institute of Mental Health Information on specific disorders, research and grantsEDAP A national non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the awareness and prevention of eating disorders
Social Workers' Office Links to information about organizations, specific disorders and other resources Facts About Youth Suicide The information contained here has been prepared to help you understand the suicidal process, recognize the warning signs, and learn ways to help prevent a suicide attempt
Suicide by Teens Basic prevention informationThe Homosexuality Factor in the Youth Suicide Problem A scholarly discussion of the high rate of suicide and suicide attempts among GLB youth


Employment and Education

See alsoYouth Empowerment Youth Rights
Human Resources Development Canada Works in partnership with all levels of government, the private sector and community organizations to help young people get what they need to prepare for and participate in the world of workEffects of Welfare Reform on Teenage Parents and Their Children The Future of Children, Vol. 5 . No. 2, Summer/Fall 1995
Sustainable Livelihoods for Youth An exploratory research activity on youth enterprise and entrepreneurship development as a means to generate livelihood opportunities for youth in developing countriesPinnacle Youth Works Summary report of a youth initiative addressing entrepreneurship for youth



See also Emotions & Behavior HIV Resources Sexuality Substance Use and Abuse
Centre for Adolescent Health Australian adolescent health facts and resources and links to other sitesAdolescent Health Fact Sheet Some basic facts about adolescent health issues from the Maternal and Child Health Bureau
Sex and Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll: The Teen Health Quiz Test your knowledge in a fun formatGo Ask Alice An interactive health question and answer page with new answers each week. Previous answers are stored in a searchable database


ribnHIV and AIDS Facts and Resources

See also Health Sexuality Substance Use and Abuse
HIV AIDS and Adolescents Information from the CDC Facts About Adolescents and HIV/AIDS
HIV Prevention Fact Sheets Easily understandable informationCoalition for Positive Sexuality Safer sex information. Uses sexually explicit cartoons and language. In English and Spanish
AEGIS Comprehensive data base of HIV and AIDS related information and the latest news in the fieldThe Stop AIDS Now Peer Education Center Facts about HIV/AIDS and on line access to peer educators
HIV Prevention for Adolescents Prevention needs and approachesHRSA SPNS Programs Abstracts, project reports and evaluation results from 10 adolescent targeted projects for HIV/AIDS services
Listen To What America's Kids Are Saying: A Qualitative Research Study The findings presented in this report provide insight into the complex issues that surround the sexuality of youth as they relate to the prevention of HIV and other sexually-transmitted diseases and are the result of confidential, in-depth personal interviews conducted with young people in four U.S. cities. TeenAIDS Peer Corps This web site is devoted to the proposition that a new wave of HIV/AIDS -- primarily affecting sexually-active teenagers (and referred to here as TeenAIDS) -- has begun to spread globally
HIV InSite From the University of California, San Francisco, a gateway to in-depth information about a variety of HIV/AIDS issues: social; medical; prevention; statistics and community and research resources Book
Changing HIV Risk Behavior: Practical Strategies by Jeffrey A. Kelly


Homeless Youth

See also Advocacy Child Welfare Research/Statistics Youth Rights
Homelessness: The Foster Care Connection Discusses the correlation between experience in foster care and future homelessnessEducation of Homeless Children and Youth Examines the barriers to public education faced by homeless children and youth, the progress states have made in removing those barriers, and current policy issues
House Our Youth 2000 Youth homelessness in BritainShelter An initiative to address the problem of youth homelessness in the UK


NonProfit Management

See also Program Design & Evaluation Program Funding Research/Statistics
The NonProfit FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about starting and managing nonprofit organizations"Cyber Accountability": Plugging into NonProfit Disclosure" A discussion of accountability including availability of public documents on the internet
The NonProfit Times On line journal with timely articlesLegal and Tax Answers for NonProfit Organizations This web site will help answer your questions about the many legal and tax issues that affect nonprofit organizations in the United States
The Nonprofit GENIE The Global Electronic Nonprofit Information Express is a source of answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about nonprofit managementNonprofit Resource Center Directory of internet resources for nonprofit corporations
Nonprofit Resources Catalogue A catalogue of Internet sites that may benefit nonprofits and those interested in a wide variety of issues. This site has a heavy emphasis on meta-links to other catalogues in a particular subject area which may have more comprehensive links on any one topic than those listed hereOMB Watch OMB Watch is a nonprofit research, educational, and advocacy organization that focuses on budget issues, regulatory policy, nonprofit advocacy, access to government information, and activities at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
Managed Care: An Agency Guide to Surviving and Thriving by David Emenhiser, Robert Barker and Madelyn DeWoody


Policy and Legislative Issues

See also Abuse/Neglect Advocacy Child Welfare
Thomas Provides up to date information on federal legislationGPO GATE University of California Provides the full text of selected information published by the US government
Vote Smart Information on federal and state elected officials and how to contact them The Children's Defense Fund Provides a strong effective voice for all the children of America who cannot vote, lobby or speak for themselves
Center on Budget and Public Priorities A nonpartisan research organization and policy institute that conducts research and analysis on a range of US government policies and programs, with an emphasis on those affecting low and moderate income people


Practice Tips

See also Youthwork/Internet
Youth Development Newsletter Three excellent articles from the NRCYCultural Competence in Serving Children and Adolescents With Mental Health Problems This information is useful whether or not mental health is an issue
Developing Cultural Self Awareness This article presents a discussion of the need for early interventionists to develop awareness of certain cultural assumptions underlying their practiceYouth Literacy: Keeping the Ember Glowing Peter Thompson describes his work with early school leavers, disadvantaged youth and young offenders as to "keep that little ember glowing" to the point where "these young people will have the confidence in the formal training and education processes to seek the skills that will assist them into the future"
Youthwork As An Educational Process Graeme Tiffany believes that the first step in youthwork is to "get them talking". He describes his methods based on the work of Paulo Freire
Islands Of Healing: A Guide To Adventure Based Counseling by Jim Schoel, Dick Prouty and Paul Radcliffe
Working With Girls and Young Women in Community Settings by Janet Batsleer


Program Design and Evaluation

See also NonProfit Management Program Funding Research/Statistics Youthwork/Internet
Cornell Youth And Work Program Helpful information about program design and evaluation Technology of Participation Learn how to build inclusive organizations
ERIC Searchable data base of information related to education Youthwork and Informal Education A theoretical and practical resource from the UK
CommuniTeam Healthy communities through youth adult partnershipsYouth Life Skills A resource for older adolescents preparing to live on their own
UW Resource Network on Outcome Measurement A guide to resources for measuring program outcomesStopping the Evaluation Tail from Wagging the Prevention Dog An article by Roger Chesswas, Ph.D. discussing evaluation of prevention programs


Program Funding

See also NonProfit Management Program Design & Evaluation
GrantsNet Department of Health and Human Services The Foundation Center Links to foundations - Information about researching and writing proposals
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Funding availabilityFederal Register Searchable data base, including funding availability, applications and regulations
United Way of America Information about the national organization and links to local membersElements of a Grant Proposal Grant writing basics from The Center for Nonprofit Management
Grant Search & Information Links to sites on finding grants and writing effective proposalsThe Grantsmanship Center The nonprofit sector's  leading source of training  and funding information


Links Q - Z

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