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The books listed below will provide you with valuable information whether you are looking for theory, practical help or inspiration. Clicking on the title allows you to order the book directly from, a reliable and reputable online bookstore. Profits earned from your purchase of books through this site will be used to support Youthwork Links and Ideas. Purchasing through this site does not add anything to your cost.

Please note that only books may be ordered through this site. Links in the Magazine and Journals and the Miscellaneous sections will take you to sites with ordering information from the publishers.

Changing HIV Risk Behavior: Practical Strategies by Jeffrey A. Kelly. A guide to helping people make specific behavioral changes to reduce the risk of HIV infection, for students and professionals in mental health and counseling, substance abuse treatment, social and health care services, and public health.

Islands Of Healing: A Guide To Adventure Based Counseling by Jim Schoel, Dick Prouty and Paul Radcliffe. This book presents the theoretical assumptions on which Adventure Based Counseling rests and guides the practitioner in choosing, sequencing and presenting activities.

Managed Care: An Agency Guide to Surviving and Thriving by David Emenhiser, Robert Barker and Madelyn DeWoody. This book addresses the issues surrounding managed care, and how agency executives, staff and boards of directors can prepare for, survive and even prosper during the coming revolution.

Reclaiming Youth At Risk: Our Hope For The Future by Larry Brendtro, Martin Brokenleg and Steve Van Bockern. "Drawing on the accumulated wisdom of Native Americans and of established leaders in the field, it (this book) offers concrete suggestions for creating environments in which all young people can grow and flourish."

Runaway Me: A Survivors Story by Evan Karl Cutler. "I've known Evan personally for several years. I know he knows from personal experience what he's talking about. He also has worked diligently to try to reach out to other runaways with service and compassion, listening to their stories, giving them encouragement and advice, and just being their friend. He can be trusted... A friend, Dean Cozzens "

Silver Bullets by Karl Rohnke . Regardless of what age group of people you are working with, if you need a way to break down barriers between participants, this is the book for you. There are games, actions that involve trust, problems that involve reasoning and intiative thinking, and problem solving activities as well

The King Of Children: The Life And Death Of Janusz Korczak by Betty Jean Lifton. The inspiring saga of a man who introduced progressive orphanages in his native Poland, defended children's rights in court, wrote classic works of children's literature and child psychology and chose to die in Treblinka rather than abandon the Jewish orphans in his care. Korczak lives as a moral exemplar in this fine biography.

Working With Girls and Young Women in Community Settings by Janet Batsleer. This book builds on the strengths of autonomous feminist work with girls and young women, offering a record of existing good practice as well as developing a critique to strengthen future practice.

ANYTHING BY MARK KRUEGER. Whether writing from the perspective of the system, the program, the youthworker or the youth, Mark Krueger gives us a sensitive insightful vision of how things are and how things could be. Currently available titles include:

Buckets: Sketches From A Youth Worker's Logbook

Careless To Caring For Troubled Youth: A Caregiver's Inside View Of The Youth Care System

Choices In Caring: Contemporary Approaches To Child And Youth Care Work (with Norman Powell)


In Motion

Intervention Techniques For Child/Youth Care Workers

Job Satisfaction For Child And Youth Care Workers

Job Saiafaction For Child Care Workers

Practitioner Perspectives On Residential Child And Youth Care Work



For subscription information write to the listed address or visit the site.

Youth Today. A bimonthly publication of the American Youth Work Center with articles on programs, public policy and legislation and current issues. Available free to administrators, managers and planners of youth services. Address: American Youth Work Center, 1200 17th Street,N.W., 4th Floor, Washington, D.C. 20036-3006. Fax: (202) 728-0657

Daily Living Quarterly journal providing information for Youthworkers on independent living programs and services. Address: 3837 Northdale Blvd., #176, Tampa, FL 33624

Young People Now. Excellent articles on Youthwork in the United Kingdom. Address: American Youth Work Center, 1200 17th Street N.W., 4th Floor, Washington, D.C. 20036

New Designs For Youth Development A quarterly publication dedicated to voicing progressive, humane and caring approaches to the development of youth and community. Published by The National Network For Youth. Address: New Designs, 1319 F St., NW Suite 401, Washington, DC 20078-1449

Journal Of Youth Studies A new international scholarly journal devoted to a theoretical and empirical understanding of young people's experiences and life contexts

Journal Of Adolescence An international, broadly based, cross-disciplinary journal that addresses itself to issues of professional and academic importance


MISCELLANEOUS (includes books not in stock at

Resource Exchange and Publications New resources and publications in the youthwork field compiled by the National Assembly of National Voluntary Health and Social Welfare Organizations

Youth Leadership In Action by Steve Fortier with eight youth leaders. Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, 1995.

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