My Friends

These are some of my old friends (School Days). I believe in Old is Gold.

Name Pet Name About Qualif
Suhas Mishra Cheeku A real crazy fellow, A great guy, The best friend you can have and a great individual. We had shared a lot time breaking nieghbour's window panes and terrorizing them. A lot like me, "The toughest nut with the softest core". B.Com
Pushpak Unni PUSHI
He is the man with the body even Arnold Schwarzennegar will be envious of but now he is bored with Arnold and is now competing with Arnold's Dad (He is putting on weight). M.D.S.E
Arif Pathan (Sledge Hammer) The best model of Baroda, and thinks he could win Mr. Universe if he works out for a couple of week. And his speciality is that, he could send one to moon and back in a couple of seconds and hence the name Sledge hammer. Best Model
Adarsh Nair - The model human being or the biggest manufacturing mistake made by the Human factory of God. Cause he is too good for this corrupt world.  

My Friends at College

Name Pet Name About Qualif
Ambarish Tiwari Lambu The tallest guy around with less hair and less brain. But beware when he's angry never try to tickle him. M.C.A
Ashish Kapoor Kapoor Another cool guy, with the attitude that should be adopted by every one of us that is "Enjoy life". B.Arch
Dinesh Rana Lambu A guy born to be a teacher. At present he's a teacher in an NRI school. M.Sc
Mainsh Yadav Mania If you want to see the character Jughead ( Of Archies ) , come here to India You could see him live. M.C.A
Jaimin Patel Waghri A computer genius and a great guy. At present in US, and making the computer pray for mercy. M.S
Abhijeet Katdhare Baby Baby, thinks himself as Jim Carey's Guru. We called him an overgrown baby. But a real great guy. M.C.A
Slahuddin Ali Shaayar A nice individual to be with. He could send you to the ninth can by reciting all the latest Urdu poems he had written. A great individual and a great poet. B.Sc
Shaliesh Sharma Shailu He's the lover boy of our old group, being the only person with a successful love story till now. M.Sc
Bindu Varma Naomi Cambell The person who had helped me a lot. A perfect friend and one who is always there to help others. Now a days she does a lot of modelling, that's why we call call her Naomi. B.A
Jyoti Khare Joe Another person who had helped me a lot. She was always there to giude me and advice me. Now she is in Bombay doing M.B.A. All the best to you friend. M.B.A
Pooja Ramani Babe She's the bold and the beautiful (Babe) girl of our old group. One could always see her with a smile. A great person to be with !. B.Com

My Colleagues

Name Pet Name About Qualif
Rajesh Patel TCP (Tom Cruise Patel) Our team leader and a best friend of mine. Till now I never understood why he receives so many blank calls. Hopes that its from some naughty female. M.C.A
Rajendra Koti Raju An old friend of mine and the best programmer our college had produced. But please don't tell him that I have said this about him 'cause I don't want him to loose his patience. M.C.A
Sameer Pandya Munna A poni tailed hunk.He is a born Casanova and he is famous for his wits. But now I know why pigs have tail. Internet Surfer
Reema Patel - She is a hardcore Shahrukh Khan's fan. Kill her but she'll never say that she hates Shahrukh. Recently Indian Army had selected her as the Trainer for Indian Spies, for being so determined. M.Sc
Udyan Joshi Jo Our old team leader. At present working in Japan with Sunplus Co.A guy who loves food, but we never understood why he's so skinny. B.C.S
Tarun Deep Singh Bunny My project guide and a great guy. He'll be leaving for US in a couple of months. B.E

My New friends

Name Pet Name About Qualif
Suvojit Bhattacharya Mota If you have never met a sumo wrestler, come to India, here is the one for you but beware - he's too hot to handle. B.Arch
Yaamir Bhatt Fido dido A real cool guy, who can imitate anyone and anybody. A guy with great sense of humor. But too sentimental for the naughty girls around. B.Arch
Bobin James Poppins Yet another manufacturing defect of God' factory - A great fan of Mettalica, a too perfect guy for this world B.Arch


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