Hello, I am Rajesh, but my friends call me Sam.Its the truth that all people know me by my pet name. I am a down to earth guy. So if you find something on the ground, don't pick that up. IT could be probably me!. And so, being a simple guy, you wont find me appreciating myself in this site. I would introduce myself as a guy, who is a fighter. One who would never give up a war, even Julius Caesar had thought of losing.  
Physically, I am tall (6 Ft) with good physique and dark. I have just finished M.C.A and started up the career in the field of computers. Even though I have a Diploma and a Masters Degree in Computers, I am just a kid in this field. A lot more things to learn, ..... a long way to go........

My date of birth falls on the 16th of May, I am a taurean with a taurus ascend , so anyone could judge that I am a taurean by my physical appearance. Moreover my nature also is like a perfect taurean. I'll give this details about taureans so that you can understand me better.


Ruled be Venus, the planet of love. He's sensual and masculine in the best sense of both words. He enjoys good food, exciting music and being touched. He may fall prey for you instantly, but don't be surprised if he doesn't ask you right away. He's sensitive to rejection, so he'll take things slowly. His romanticism runs deep, but it's hard for him to say, " I Love You". He expresses his feelings in actions. You may find a relationship with him claustrophobic -- he's possessive. But love brings out the best in him.

GIRLS HE'S ATTRACTED TO Feminine, with creamy skin and cascading hair, and almost away a Virgo or a Capricorn.
GIRLS WHO TURN HIM OFF The sloppy types who don't notice that their hair needs washing or the nail polish has chipped.
WHY GIRLS ARE ATTRACTED TO He's masculine but still huggable.
HIS MOST ROMANTIC DATE Dinner in a fine restaurant, where he can show off his sophistication.

Trust him, and let him know that he's special.

HIS SECRET VULNERABILITY He likes to be catered to.
HIS BIGGEST RELATIONSHIP FEAR That someone will break his heart.
HIS COMMITMENT POTENTIAL He wants a long term relationship. He has lots of luv to give to someone who'll truly care about him
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