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Identity Mission
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5th-9th March 2001

If you don't already know that our mission is coming up where have you been? We have around 3,000 Mark's gospels to give to students on campus as well as loads of other activities planned for the week.

The whole mission week is based on the identity of Jesus Christ, and all of the meetings that happen will in someway reflect this.

Below is our plan for the week:

Day Morning Afternoon Evening
Monday Day of Prayer Day of Prayer Day of Prayer
Tuesday Visiting Halls Seminar Main Meeting
Wednesday Visiting Halls Stick another Christian on the bar-be! Main Meeting
Thursday Visiting Halls Seminar Main Meeting

We will be getting help from various people during the week. Our speaker at the main meetings will be Mr Jan Jensen who is the Youth Pastor at Highfields Free Church in Cardiff. Dai Hankey, also from Highfields, and Rev. Wade McLelland from Gabalfa Baptist Church will be helping with the halls visitations. There will also be a number of Christians from different churches at the "Stick another Christian on the Bar-be!" event. All the main meetings in the evening will be at 7pm in B52.