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Under the covers and between takes during love scenes, Kristian Alfonso & Peter Reckell tells us the the gossips and details.
SOAP OPERA WEEKLY article by Janet Di Lauro

Reckell: I wear a bathing suit when I'm doing love scenes, just in case a leg happens to fall out from under the sheets. And, to be safe, it's flesh-colored. My mom actually called me once after some early stuff that Kristian and I did --- she thought she saw my butt. She swore up and down that I was naked underneath the sheets, but I wasn't. I always have something on.
Alfonso: If you're going to see a leg, I have on boxer shorts and a bathing suit top. Otherwise, I wear warm-up pants. There's no need for a body stocking, unless you're an exhibitionist and want to entertain the crew or the other actors.

Alfonso: I remember the day Peter and I had our first kiss. It was in a kissing booth and Bo had to pay to kiss Hope. I'd just started acting, and was a nervous wreck. By the time Bo and Hope had their first bed scene about two years had passed. Still, it was my first experience and it felt very strange. But Peter made things very comfortable for me because he was the veteran.

Reckell: It helps if somebody else is nervous, because you can put all your anxiety into them and be the caretaker. So if I did have any nervousness back then, I put it into Kristian. Besides, that wasn't my first time. My first love scene was with Dana Delany on "As the World Turns" (he played Eric Hollister; Delany portrayed Haley Wilson). I was attracted to her, so it was difficult. Being the young actor, sometimes reality and make- believe got mixed up.

Reckell: As actors and as characters, we were both so excited and pumped up about taping our first bed scenes that we were really giddy about it --- and klutzy .
Alfonso In one scene, Bo thought that he heard something downstairs. When Peter leaned over to turn on the light, he fell out of bed.
Reckell: I fell on the lamp cord, and the lamp came down on me. Then Kristian came down on top of me. We were both all tangled up in the blankets.

Alfonso: We did a scene once where there were rose petals all over the bed, so it would look very romantic. They were falling down on top of me as Peter was dropping them, but they kept on hitting me in the eye.
Reckell: When you are doing a love scene you can't go, "Ah! You got my eye!" So I had to be careful and make sure they landed on her forehead or just below her eyes. It made trying to stay in the romance a little difficult

Alfonso: One time Peter was carrying me out of the water and for some reason I didn't have on my waterproof mascara. Well, it was running into my eyes. It was supposed to be this very romantic scene but I was laughing hysterically. Peter just took the ball and ran with it.
Reckell: That's something nice with Kristian and me. We've learned to trust each other and just go with things --- even if they're not perfect. I think that's where a lot of our reputation has come from. It always looks like Bo and Hope are having so much fun with each other. So, moments like that, instead of going, "Oh, damn, your mascara is running" --- we just go with it and play.

Alfonso: Last summer, Shawn-D and Grandma decorated the houseboat so that Bo and Hope could have a romantic evening together. The sheets and pillowcases were stain. Well, every time Peter and I leaned back, a pillow would pop out or we'd slide out of bed.
Reckell: Trying to stay covered in satin sheets is not easy. Guys don't have to worry, because we can get uncovered to our waist. Women have to worry that their brests stay covered and that nothing pops out. So that was harder on Kristian.

Reckell: Kristian has a habit of hitting me, just punching me when she gets frustrated, starts laughing or something. I remember one time when we were taping the Santa Rosa stuff with all these romantic fantasies --- she just popped me! She whacked me in my private parts in the middle of a love scene. Of course, we couldn't keep that take, because I was turning blue.

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