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~Welcome to Ashleez House of.... cRaY-ZeE-nE$s~

Soo.... you lucky boiz and girrlz have made to my pagie.. .well then.. we must get all proper and whutnot! ~*runs behind the curtian and dresses as the MC runs out with the spotlight shinning down upon her, grabbing the micro-phone*~ Ladies and gentlemen.. LIVE from .. West Hill.. needing _NO_ introduction what so ever.. ASHLEY!! ~*runs back behind the curtian changes into her 'Ashley' costume and run back out*~ tee hee.. ~*waves, blows kisses and bows*~ Thank you thank you.. "You luv me, you really luv me" tee hee..

Well.. that was fun.. now back to the real world.. hee hee.. "It's-a me, Mario, I mean Ashley!" Yes yes t'is me.. just plain old Ashley. Okay.... so now you that you pplz are here.. I'm gonna hafta.. uhh.. ~*scratches head*~ Uhh.. I dunno.. well I guess I could tell ya about myself but that would just make you all want to come and visit me from far of lands.. tee hee.. ;) Just for 'lil old me.. ~*grinz and winkz*~

Anywayz.. I will tell ya bout brace yourselfs.. there's sum purdy weird stuff in here about me.. don't go running away when ya find out who I really am.. to tell ya the truth.. I've had to pretend ta be somewhat normal to make you guys my friends.. but now.. ~*gasps*~ THE REAL ASHLEY HAS BEEN UNLEASED! ~*Annoucers voice*~ This video is uncensored and contains nudity.. uhh.. I mean no.. ;) ;) tee hee..

Anywayz.. here's...... JOHNNY! I mean.. here's.. ASHLEY

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