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~My Close Friends~

This is a Page Dedicated to My Close Friends..

First off, I'll start out with my bestfriend Jessyka.. she's been my bestfriend since we were 3 years old in nursery skool.. although I dropped out.. *sheepish gryn* She's also a cray-zee person like I am.. so we have one major thing in common. I have a really weird relationship with her mom.. nothing sick to let all yew ppl know.. it's just that I call her mom Henry and her mom calls me Fred, it's an inside joke.. ;) Jess and I go to the same skool.. she's 15 years old, like I said before.. everyone is older than I am.. *poutz* Her berfday is on June 23.. She has blond hair and blue/green eyes. This is the one who takes dance with me.. we like to laugh at our teacher.. heheh.. Arpad.. what a name.. *laughs* Anywayz.. I spend a ton of time at her house.. almost every weekend I'm there.. I don't know how her family doesn't get sick of me.. I'm just so luvable.. tee hee.. but I do stuff that makes her mom like me even more.. I clean for her.. which is scary.. Well.. back to Jess, she comes to my cottage and we go tubing together.. a lot of our favorite memories are there... hee hee.. Something you'll be suprised to know about her is that she is a good match maker! Crazy huh? She's set me up with most of the guys I've gone out with.. which is a few.. not to brag.. *gryn* Jess has her own page on the net, so if ya wanna know more about her click here! ~Jess' Page~ Well that's Jessyka.. on to some more pplz..

Henry.. well Henry isn't the person's name.. as you should already know. it's Jessyka's mom...and I bet yer wondering how she got this name Henry.. well one day we were all being cray-zee and I thought of it.. it's only a thing between us..(Jess her mom and I) nobody else is in our little group thingy.. and it has to be a name you'd never name your kid.. my name is Fred, Jess is Frank and as you know Jess' mom is Henry.. well I bet yer wondering what her real name is.. well it's Linda.. but in Bermuda they call her Gail.... her mom and I have this weird connection.. it's nothing bad for all you sick ppl out there..we just get along really well, and really weirdly.. we talk about almost everything.. not to mention.. umm.. sick things.. one day Henry, Jess and I were in the car and she explained something to me that I wasn't so sure about.. but lets not get into that! She is the nicest person in the world to me and I love her for it.. so thanx for being there Henry.. I luv ya lotz!

Kristin, she's another one of my good friends.. she goes to my skool too. I met her in a day camp I went to, but then we hated each other. Then last year we became pretty close. We write each other notes all the time and talk about grrl things.. She's 15 too *poutz* She's obsessed with Hanson... she's mainly obsessed with Taylor, but I can't blame her. He is quite the cutie.. ;) Just for you Kristin..and all you other Hanson fans out there! ~Hanson Pics~ This year she's only in one of my classes which is a major bummer, she's in my gym class. Kristin is also werkin' on a Hanson page so when it's ready I'll put up the addy fer you Hanson pplz..Here's the addy to Kristin's homepage on Hanson.. ~Hanson Heaven~ Well.. now on to the next person..

Another one of my good friends is Norm, he's Jessyka's boyfriend.. ooohh... hee hee.. he's eally nice, although at times he can be a bastard, but when it all comes down to things he's really nice. He doesn't go to our skool though, he goes to Borden.. I have no idea where that is..some where around here.. he's a lot older than me.. well not really but he's almost 16! He has two cars already too! Isn't that so unfair? I think so.. geez.. I feel so young.. I'm only 14.. cripes.. Me and Norm use to hate each other, but him going out with Jess has brought us closer..;) A lot closer.. ;) j/k.. hee hee.. Well on to someone else..

Another one of my good friends is Keith.. he's Jessyka's cousin! Weird huh..? He use to live in Bermuda. He just moved here this year neat-o huh..? He listens to crusty music too.. He's 15 too. He lives in Pickering.. about 15 minutes away from Jessyka's house. He's over there almost as much as I am. He beats me up too.. isn't that mean..? I thought so myself.. His berfday is on September 16, even he's older than me.. pooh.. on to some other ppl..

I have a lot more friends but those are the really close ones.. some of my other purdy close friends are Jeanette, Terri and Gina.. they all go to the same skool as me.. Jeanette and Terri both have boyfriends.. Jeanette and Ben and Terri and Brad.. Terri and Brad have gone out 6 times! Can you believe that? The most I've gone out with someone is twice..

Well that's the end of this page.. check out the others too!

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