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Fal Dara

The Keep


Peace favor you, traveler. I am Dazar, blademaster and shambayan of this Wheel of Time Page. The Wheel of Time is an amazing fantasy series written by Robert Jordan. It is the best series that I have encountered and I recommend it highly. For more info. on the books in the series, go to the library of Fal Dara. I recommend that you visit all of Fal Dara (linx below) to see some of my theories and favorite links.

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The Shienaran Gamer NEW!!!
The Wheel of Time game is out, and you can even make your own levels. Come here for downloads, screenshots, and information on the levels i have created for the game =)

The Library Updated!
Information on the books, pictures of all the books including the A PATH OF DAGGERS and the guide, summaries on them as well as the PROLOGUE to A PATH OF DAGGERS. Character page and links have been updated. The Page loads ALOT faster now.

The Garden Updated!
This page contains my Favorite Artwork piece, as well as several samples of artwork and links to their creators pages. I added well over 10 new art links to this page.

The Training GroundsUpdated!
Linx to some cool roleplaying games and a link to The Wheel of Time Game!

WoT Fanfic ArchiveNEW!!
This is my newest page, an alphabetical listing of all the Wheel of Time fans who tried their luck at writing. Some of the Talent is astounding, i would visit this page and print or just read all of them. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll smile.

The Clumsy BlademasterUpdated!
Linx, Linx, Linx everywhere! Come and check out these WoT pages, some are extremely impressive!

WoT Test!!!
You can come take the test but the answers wont be heading your way until i get my copy of tEotW back *g*

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