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Fal Dara

The Training Grounds

Welcome to the Fal Dara Training Grounds. Here is a place to learn how to sharpen your skills. This page has sword forms(thinking about describing them) and linx to some roleplaying games available on the Internet. I also put a link to a preview of The Wheel of Time game. It looks pretty cool and accurate, but you can only choose one of four preset players. It really is worth checking out.

Sword Forms

This is just a quick reference to the forms, if you want detailed descriptions on the sword forms go to Mahiro Shukosa's Guide to Sword-Forms (Note that these are his interpretations)

  • Apple Blossoms in the Wind
  • Arc of the Moon
  • Bundling Straw
  • The Cat Dances on the Wall
  • Cat on Hot Sand
  • The Courtier Taps His Fan
  • The Creeper Embraces the Oak
  • The Falcon Stoops
  • The Falling Leaf
  • Folding the Fan
  • The Grapevine Twines
  • The Heron Spreads Its Wings
  • Heron Wading in the Rushes
  • Hummingbird Kisses the Honeyrose
  • The Kingfisher takes a Silverback
  • Leopard in the Tree
  • Leaf Floating on the Breeze
  • Lightning of Three Prongs
  • Lion on the Hill
  • Lizard in the Thornbush
  • Low Wind Rising
  • Moon Rises Over the Water
  • Parting the Silk
  • Ribbon in the Air
  • The River Undercuts the Bank
  • Sheathing the Sword
  • Stones Falling from the Cliff
  • Striking the Spark
  • The Swallow Rides the Air
  • The Swallow Takes Flight
  • Thistledown Floats on the Whirlwind
  • Tower of Morning
  • Twisting the Wind
  • Unfolding the Fan
  • Water Flows Downhill
  • Whirlwind on the Mountain
  • Wind and Rain
  • The Wood Grouse Dances


    The Wheel of Time Game!


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    Into the Light MUD (German)

    The Great Hunt

    Fires of Heaven MUD

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    Map of Fal Dara

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