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Fal Dara

The Garden

Welcome to the Garden. Here is a place you may relax and enjoy yourself while gazing upon the beautiful scenery and sights. I have included many linx to some WoT fan art and other art galleries and I am going to start displaying my favorite piece of WoT artwork.

This picture is special, it is Ashaman's tribute to a friend of his who passed away.

"This is for a young girl who had to leave her mortal shell behind in real life. Rhayma was a member of Dragonmount and RP'ed as an Aiel. I thought I should remember her in some way..."

3D Wheel of Time Art by Asha'man
Ashaman, aka Joe Gaidin, has an amazing site full of 3d computer generated scenes from the books, and even better, he does them complete with characters! This site is very high on my too see list and i go there frequently. Check out the Dragonmount scene and the cool fancloth cloak on the warder.

Bryan Ecker's Wheel of Time Art Gallery
This perhaps my favorite art site, probably because Bryan has a sense of humor not too far from mine. The drawings he does are awesome! Check out the goat-kissin' Trolloc.

Lotta Tjerntrom's Wheel of Time Art Gallery
Lotta has a pretty unique assortment of pencil drawings, some with color.

The Darker Side of the Wheel of Time
Dragonluv has some really, really, good drawings of the baddies from the series, the Foresaken are exceptional. She also has info. about the Foresaken, profiles so to speak.

Henrik's Wheel of Time Art Gallery
Henrik has some really amazing renderings of certain scenes from the book.

Ed Gross Wheel of Time Art Gallery
Ed has very nice renderings of scenes from the book as well as some artifacts such as the seal and adam.

Rob Christianson's WOT Gallery
Rob is another wiz for creating scenes from the book, these are very, very nice.

The Boye' Wheel of Time Art Gallery
Here you will find scanned pencil drawings in color. I like his depictions of Perrin and Loial.

James Beveridge's Wheel of Time Art
James artwork is extremely good, most are hand drawings and sketches, but excellent none the less. Visit this page, it is one of my favorites.

Yosh Art Gallery
Yet more masterful artwork comes from the Yosh Art Gallery. One of the best Rand pix i have seen can be found there, it was my first 'Favorite Artwork' for this page.

There is just too many superior Wheel of Time sites, so i will just list the rest! But they are all impressive, and i suggest you take the time to stroll about and look at them all!

Map of Fal Dara

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