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The Story of Fabel's Legend

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The Story


Coming to terms with A Legend

When I turned 16, I was given a car to drive from my parents. It was a 1985 Volvo 240. This car was not as stylish, nor close to as powerful as I wanted at the time, but I made do with it. Over the first summer with the Volvo, I worked hard at a golf course to save money for a new car. The work was intense, but in the end it all paid off when my parents finally agreed to sell the Volvo. Using the money from selling the Volvo, the money that I had made working, and a little that my parents threw in, we began looking for cars. I had my hart set on an Acura Integra. I test drove many of cars, some I like and most I didn’t, like the millions of Saturns that my parents made me test drive. As the time went on, it became increasingly harder to find a car within my specific list of needs. But it was actually the Saturn that helped me find the Legend.

While at a Saturn dealer, I saw a Acura Legend in the used car area. My parents and I thought it would be outrageously out of our price range. The next day I called the dealer and spoke with someone to give me a price quote. To my surprise, it was priced considerably lower that everyone had expected. I went there with my dad, and test drove it a couple of times. I loved the ride, and when coupled with the power of the 2.7L V6 under the hood, it was a match made in heaven. A couple days later we were back there signing the papers. It worked out for everyone.

The Next Step

Now comes the part when Legend begins it transformation into a car that can be considered a true performer. So far, a performance intake has been added to free up the air restriction coming into the engine. This is only the beginning of things to come.

A Slight Change in Plan

While my first idea was to tune the car to be a sporty performer, my plans have changed slightly. I have learned quite a bit about the audio world and am now pursuing a few audio hook ups. In addition I have been working with the lighting setup as well, adding PIAA Super Whites and planning on a stock foglight bulb change. Dont worry though, I still have performace in mind, and will continue to keep upgrading where I can.

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