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The Story of Fabel's Legend

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Stereo Upgrades

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Head Unit


The stereo system that came with the car was adequate and did do its job, but after a while that just isn’t enough. I figured to begin upgrading the sound system I would start by replacing the head unit. With the help of a stereo genius I purchased the Kenwood eXcelon KRC-PS655 Cassette receiver with CD changer controls and had it installed. Installation was very interesting to watch, as most of the center console was removed, making to interior rather alien looking. After installed, sound quality did improve slightly.  The eXcelon series of receivers are a good platform to create a nice sound system.

Head Unit Install
Head Unit Complete


CD Changer

Next I purchased a Kenwood KDC-C662 6-Disk Changer and had it installed with the help of the same stereo genius. The changer was installed under the front passenger seat instead of the more common trunk setup so that disc changes could be made while driving.

Most of the center console had already been removed, making the receiver easily accessible.  The front passenger seat was removed.  Holes were cut in the carpet   in order to have access to the body so that the CD Changer could be secured properly with screws.  Four holes were drilled into the body, and then the Changer was screwed down.  Not only is this a good method of preventing the Changer from moving around, but it is also a good theft deterrent compared to some other methods.

The cabling was all run under the carpet, and from the outside or inside, the Changer is not visible.

Holes Under Passenger Seat
CD Changer - Kenwood KDC-C662 6 Disk

Subwoofer & Amp

Write up coming soon!! Includes installation of a Ported Custom Made Box with a 12" Rockford Punch Sub, and Kenwood KAC-606 150x1 Amplifier.  Sounds great, but I don't have the carpet for the box.  After this, I think the stereo upgrades will be complete for the time being.  Total money spent on entire stereo system and all installations: ONLY $500!!  You just  have to know how to shop.

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