As We Go A Beveraging

By: Dan Dirtyfishydishcloth
Anna Banana
Christine Screwdriver
Kai Respiratin
Catherine Headhunter
Sharon Aviary
Meredith Saladdressing
Siri Lionsden
Shannon O'Hara
Sean Pugnose
Kevin Corduroy
Dorothy Parker
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
and Kat Fonz-Geraldo's sub-writers

Any references to Faulkner's As I Lay Dying are very much intended. Being in IB, we have learned far too much about this book, and it started to sink into our brains. It sunk so far, in fact, that we had to get it out somehow. And that somehow is as follows. Be assured, there is a plot in there somewhere, but you'll have to ask someone who knows where it is. (The only characters who are at all involved in the plot are Dan, Anna, and Siri, but that's just because Dan and Anna are the only ones concerned about making a plot, dammit!) Any references to other IB literature thingies are also very much intended, as they tend to sink into our brains as well.

But, read on, and, above all, enjoy!

Part the First

Part the Second
Sure, go ahead, skip Part 1 if you want... but I'm warning you, it'll make even less sense.

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