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t h e . c h a k r a s

"the seven chakras are energy centers , gates and transformers , located along the spine and up into the head which connect the nadis with the three auras surrounding the physical and subtle bodies . like antennas , they pick up or sense the complete range of energy entering a person's personal energy field . the personal energy field extends outwards in layers ; at it's greatest extent it averges about 26 feet in all directions beyond the surface of the physical body ."

(chakra therapy, keith sherwood)

m u l a d h a r a

s v a d h i s t h a n a

m a n i p u r a

a n a h a t a

v i s u d d h a

a n j a

s a h a s r a r a

b a c k

e m a i l. p a n d o r a