Hello, and welcome to the home of Shoebies! Shoebies is a new company dedicated to bringing you original, custom-designed, hand-embroidered shoewear, made by two awesomely cool yet tragically poor college students. Here, you can find all of our color and design options and choose them in any combination you like. You can also special-order your designs and have a pair of 100% original, creative shoes, designed especially for you and sent directly to your address.

We can embroider any design you like on canvas shoes, which come in different colors and styles. The best part is, our Shoebies are affordable, ranging in price from $12 - $20+ dollars plus the cost of shipping.

Please take a few moments to explore our website and consider adding a pair of Shoebies to your wardrobe. Thanks for visiting!

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Warning: This section of the site contains some naughty language and concepts. We are raunchy college girls, after all.

Until we get a little more work done on this page, questions, comments, or shoe orders may be sent to:


P.S. If you would like one of our designs embroidered on a different piece of clothing, just ask and we will tell you if it's possible and negotiate price.

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