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News & Updates

9/3: Taking some classes again has prevented updates. EEK! Will be working on correcting that soon! There have been some new news and a couple piccies.. can't wait to get them UP! Hang tight! :)

8/6: Due to some technical difficulties and me not liking it in the first place, I've taken down the Tag-Board. If you want to leave messages, go to the Message Board (link above) or email me your questions. Thanks. More transcripts, etc .. should be up tonight as well!

8/4: Well, everythings "up" more or less, so I am going to call today this site's official opening. Yay!

8/3: Started adding transcripts

8/2: Matt magazine pics, and wallpapers up.

8/1: Screen caps and Matt with GL cast photo's are up!

7/31: Biographies of Matt and his characters are UP

7/30: Site undergoing major maitenance.. come back later!

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