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~*Biography of Luc*~

Information on Matt's new character, Luc, on the new FOX show TRU CALLING is also scarce. I was lucky to find the name of who he plays! But so far I know this:

 -  Matt's first airdate will be in the third episode of TRU CALLING entitled Brother's Keeper. It's slated to air on November 13, 2003.

 -  The synopsis of this episode reads: The episode deals with Harrison and a woman he is seeing, Sarah. Sarah is married a man named Andrew, but doesn't mention this to Harrison in the beginning. Tru learns about this connection when Andrew turns up in the morgue. The story hinges on two sides of the same story. Sarah says that she hid the fact that she was married, because she was divorcing Andrew for abusing her. Andrew tells Tru that he never touched her, and he doesn't want to divorce Sarah because she's after his money. Tru and Harrison are caught in the middle, and things might not go well when Harrison offers to get Sarah a gun for her own protection. Sound like gibberish to you? You're not alone. Interestingly enough, Luc isn't even mentioned in this synopsis! But if you go by, this is when he shows up.

 -  Thanks to I was able to snag this little description of Matt's new character -- Information on the third episode of Tru Calling is more scarce. What is known is that filming begins August 13 (after pilot reshooting on the 11th and 12th) and will be directed by Paul Shapiro who in the past has directed episodes of 24, Smallville, Roswell and the X-Files. Though not confirmed, there's a good chance that the episode could introduce the character of Luc, played by Guiding Light star Matthew Bomer. Luc, a handsome 26 year old crime scene photographer with a haunted past, is expected to be a love interest for Tru. If casting sides mirror the plot of the episode, look for the premise of this episode to be based around two teens committing suicide. Cool! Not the suicide ... I mean Luc's description!

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