August 2, 2003

Trustees in attendance: Arnold Briggs, Paul Chapin, William, Bassett, and Emily Baird

I. CSAA President Arnold Briggs submitted the Treasurer's Report, which was unanimously approved.
    - For the year 2002, cash outflows slightly exceeded cash inflows
    - Funds were used to purchase hats for the camp staff and to distribute the annual newsletter
    - For the second consecutive year, $1,000 was donated to the Old Colony Council to be applied
    to the construction of an advanced COPE course
    - Additional disbursements went toward 4 Christophers Scholarships and 1 Casoni Scholarship
II. CSAA Trustee Bill Bassett was unanimously re-elected to his Trustee position. Arnold Briggs and Paul Chapin resigned as Trustees and were replaced by David Casoni and Gary Hyman.
    - Joann Christophers Carpenter was also nominated for a trustee position, but withdrew from the election,
    pledging to continue supporting the CSAA in any way possible
    - David was elected to complete Arnie's 2 year term
    - Gary was elected to complete Paul's 1 year term
V. Assistant Camp Director Emily Baird updated attendees on the situation at Camp Squanto.
    - A new waterfront site (Agawam) was added for 2003; the rear half of this site's latrine serves the waterfront
    - Approximately 2/3 of Camp Squanto's tents/platforms have been replaced with larger, steel-framed versions;
    all tents will be replaced by next year
    - The COPE Course has moved to the old Putt Putt/OA Call Out Area;
    the improved course currently has 12 elements and is hidden in the woods
    - Physical improvements include new office bathrooms and a new walk-in refrigerator/freezer for the kitchen
    - As of August 2, the dining hall has fed over 2,500 scouts, scouters, and visitors
    - The theme for 2003 is Lumberjack Night; the overall program continues to be similar, but with greater emphasis
    on a user-friendly experience
    - The camp's septic system needs to be updated at an estimated cost of $380,000
IV. Gary Hyman's winning 2002 Spirit of Squanto essay was read by Arnie Briggs.
V. Paul Chapin, Curator of the Casoni Museum, reported on recent developments.
    - Memorabilia in the museum needs to be cataloged and itemized (this was last done by Mike Bickford in 1992)
    - More space in a controlled environment is needed for items currently in storage;
    Paul Chapin will head up a task force to brainstorm and make recomendations on a physical expansion
    that will not interfere with Old Colony Council's capital campaign
    - Mike Warner suggested that the CSAA fund a part-time staff position to keep the Casoni Museum open
    and integrate it further into the camp program
    - Dr. Bob Downey suggested the use of rotating exhibits to keep people coming back to the museum
    - Arnie Briggs suggested adding a Camp Child section to the museum since Camp Child
    was such an important part of Old Colony Council
VI. CSAA Membership Chairman Gus Swanson described the membership opportunities available.
    - Bronze memberships are available for $10, Silver and Gold memberships (voting memberships)
    are available for $25 and $50, respectively.
    - Funds from the sale of memberships became the CSAA's primary source of revenue last year;
    Congratulations to Gus for all his hard work!
VII. Old Colony Council Endowment Chairman Dr. Bob Downey spoke on the importance of building an endowment to ensure the future of Camp Squanto.
    - Old Colony Council's goal is to establish a $5 million endowment
    - Endowment funds are placed in a trust account and the principal is never touched;
    the interest is used for operational funding
    - A West Fellowship can be procured for as little as $1,000 of cash, securities, property, insurance
    or any combination of assests; paying by the installment method is acceptable;
    - West Felowships make a great gift for long-time scouters
VIII. Former Camp Child staffer Shawn Donnelly has established a new Staff Award for a junior and senior staff member and is looking for contributions to increase the amount of the award.
IX. Mike Warner and Tom O'Brien motioned for the CSAA to purchase a plaque to commemorate the rangers of Camp Squanto. The motion received unanimous approval.

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