August 3, 2002

Trustees in attendance: Arnold Briggs, Paul Chapin, William, Bassett, Emily Pelton, and Elliott Glass

I. CSAA President Arnold Briggs submitted the Treasurer's Report, which was unanimously approved.
    - For the year 2001, cash outflows exceeded cash inflows by approximately $2,000
    - Funds were used to purchase hats for the camp staff
    - $1,000 was donated to the Old Colony Council to be applied to the construction of an advanced COPE course (total cost of ~$11,000);
      Gary Hyman is overseeing the construction of the new course, which will include 20 low elements (high elements will be added later, pending approval)
II. Assistant Camp Director Emily Pelton was unanimously re-elected to her Trustee position.
III. Dan Baker's winning 2001 Spirit of Squanto essay was read by Emily Pelton.
IV. Old Colony Council James E. West Fellowship Chairman Bob Gorman spoke on the importance of building an endowment to ensure the future of Camp Squanto.
V. Camp Director Elliott Glass updated the Trustees on the situation at Camp Squanto.
    - A 7th week has been added to the camping season which will feature more older-boy programs such as Ashanti and Eagle Week
    - Attendance is on track to surpass 2,000 for the 2002 season
    - Camp Squanto received a perfect score in all 80 mandatory and quality camp standards from the National Camp Visitation Team;
      this is yet another testament to the spirit and experience of the staff, 70% of whom are over the age of 18
    - A new latrine was recently added to the Penobscot site;
      previously, Penobscot shared a latrine with the Delaware site
    - A 3rd waterfront site (to be named Agawam) will be added by next season;
      the rear of this site's latrine will serve as a showerhouse for the waterfront
    - Due to state regulations, Camp Squanto must replace its 300 existing tents with larger, steel-framed versions;
      new, larger platforms will be needed for the roomier tents;
      thus far 92 of the 300 tents have already been replaced
    - Increases in attendance will necessitate an expansion of program opportunities in the future
    - The maintenance building was officially named the "William Webb Maintenance Shop" at a dedication ceremony on Thursday August 1
    - Ranger Roland Cloutier is serving as the adviser of Venture Post 25;
      the post ran 3 workdays at camp during the off-season, a ski trip, and a hike;
      it also provides older boys who are no longer active in their troops an opportnity to stay involved
VI. Paul Chapin, Curator of the Casoni Museum, reported on recent developments.
    - Long-time Provisional SM Bill Keefe donated his collection, which provides 16 years of Troop 1 Camp Squanto's history
    - New staff are always wanted
    - New Casoni Museum patches are now available for $3
    - Come by and take the 50 question Camp Squanto quiz
VII. The Makepeace Company, which owns 1/3 of the land around Fawn Pond is considering selling its land. The Old Colony Council has been informed and contacted the company in the hopes that the shores of Fawn Pond do not fall into the hands of a developer.

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