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Tales & Verse


Talking Drum Press is a non-profit publisher of fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry, primarily by and about Black, Hispanic and Native American people. We are a very small press and slowly branching into the production of CDs and DVDs of oral interpretations.

Talking Drum Pressoperates under the auspices of Oversoul Theatre Collective, a non-profit, professional black and Native American arts organization, formed in 1994.

Talking Drum Press/ OTC
P.O. Box 831
Mashpee, MA 02649


A Mixed Medicine Bag: "THE GOLD BOOK" was originally released in January of 1998.

Talking Drum Press).
Seven original tales as transcribed from Mwalim's storytelling performances, including: "Two Locks of Hair", "The Turtle, The Snake and The Drum", "A Rooster's Tale", "The Great Mongoose Rebellion", "Backwoods People", "Lion's Brew" and "The Duet"

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On The Menu Below, you can see samples of Mwalim's poetry and one of the tales from his book, entitled "Lion's Brew".

Mwalim's Writing Samples - Poetry , Prose & Essays

Algonquin Niabingi - Poem (All Ages)
Names Have Been Deleted - Poem (Mature Readers)
Lion's Brew - A Black-Wampanaog Folk-tale From MMB (For All Ages)
Knowing the Devil (All Ages)

To Order A Copy of
A Mixed Medicine Bag

(ISBN: 0-9662428-0-7)

Send your name, mailing address (and E-mail address) with a check or money order to:
Talking Drum Press/ Oversoul Theater Collective, Inc.
P.O. Box 831
Mashpee, MA. 02649

Each copy is $9.00 (includes P&H). Subtract 20% for orders of 10 or more). Or order it through your favorite book store!!!

Talking Drum Press of Talking Drum Communications is a satellite program of Oversoul Theater Collective, Inc., a non-profit, multicultural arts and education organization serving all of southeastern massachusetts.

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